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Paddleboard fishing may sound unfamiliar to many. It is far different from the conventional fishing techniques that are popular. Many people also confuse it with kayak fishing. The latest technique features paddleboards that come equipped with fishing rod holders, front & rear bungees, and Scotty accessory mounts to attach bait trays, fish finders, and anything else you need for your day out on the water.

Read on to know more about how paddleboard fishing differs from kayak fishing, as well as some important tips for you to learn!

Paddleboard Fishing vs Kayak Fishing

Many people get confused between paddleboard fishing and kayak fishing.

When comparing stand-up paddleboard fishing to kayak fishing, there are many factors to consider. SUP boards are lighter and more convenient to transport anywhere, especially when it’s inflatable. On the other hand, a fishing kayak will require you to sit when fishing instead of standing up. Standing for extended periods of time sounds straining, but most fishing-specific SUPs offer front and back bungees that are perfect for holding a cooler in place.

The biggest upside of paddleboard fishing is you get to experience standing up in the middle of water while fishing. It will let you see so much more than you do on a kayak, and it makes a great workout. You’ll learn how to use your lower body to stay steady while your upper body powers the board forward.

Paddleboard Fishing Tips

If you decide to go paddleboard fishing, here are a few tips that might help you!

Keep it Light

As mentioned earlier, paddleboard fishing is a great workout. You’ll need to use your own energy here to push yourself around, especially if your board is not equipped with an engine. This is why your paddleboard, especially if you’re a beginner, has to be as light as possible. Additionally, don’t go bringing a lot of fishing gear!

Also, remember that paddleboards made for fishing already have boxes installed in front of them to hold your paddle and fishing gear. These boxes can also be used to store your catch, and they come with pole holders.

Consider the Wind

Wherever you decide to fish, think about the wind and take advantage of it. Go to areas where the wind can float your back. The wind will definitely blow you around on a paddle board. We think it is wise that you use the wind to your advantage. If you fight against the wind, it will give you problems and stress you out.

Simplicity is Key

Your lure should be small and easy to cast. Keep it simple as there’s no advantage in trying advanced casting techniques on a paddleboard.

You also don’t need to change fishing lures and other pieces of equipment, since it’s difficult to do it on a paddleboard. It’s less stable than boats and kayaks, and there isn’t much spade.Β 

Don’t be Afraid to Wade

Wade, especially if you are in a spot that provides you to do so. We know how exciting paddleboard fishing can be, but you’ll have better chances of catching more fish if you wade. Jump off your board, tie it to your waist and wade for a while. If you want to leave the spot already, just hop back on your board and transfer.

Should You Try Stand-Up Paddleboard Fishing?

Definitely! Depending on your situation and preferences, kayak fishing and paddleboard fishing have their own benefits and drawbacks. If you choose to do paddleboard fishing, remember that to do the right things by following our tips to make it an awesome experience. Use all you have to your advantage and keep things as simple as possible.

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