Personal Survival Checklist: What You Need in Your Go-Bag

When we watch the news we can view many catastrophic events that have taken place in the world. From strong typhoons, earthquakes, mass shootings and bombings you named it. A prepper needs to check on things very carefully should one of these catastrophes happens the essentials are ready on the go. Having a go-bag is a prepper first line of defense. In this post, we will give some of the essential things that should be the content of your go-bag.

Her’s your list, preppers.

These are the things that you’ll need in any situation and should form the core of your Go Bag checklist. Flexibility and preparation is your key to survive any of the mentioned catastrophes using your go-bag.

Survival essentials

Single Filter Full Faced Gas Mask1 for your air supply

You can survive for about 3 minutes without air. longer than that, it’s a catastrophe.

Even if you’re not cut off from air entirely, smoke, dust, pollen, and gases can make breathing difficult, especially if you have respiratory system issues.

Gas Masks

Keep a few filter masks in your Go Bag in order to clean up the air you breathe in.

But if you’re preparing for a nuclear fallout or even chemical warfare, you’ll need a full-fledged gas mask to protect yourself from dangers.


If you’ve got allergies or asthma, keep a supply of your medications or an extra inhaler in your go-bag. Add an Epi-Pen if you or someone you know has an allergic reaction and can’t breathe. If you or your family member got medications for hypertension, heart issues include also their meds in your go-bag.Β 

Sleeping bag or bivy sack

In extreme temperature conditions, you can only survive 3 hours without shelter so pack in your go-bag survival blanket to keep you covered. If you have companions, you can bring a tent for use.

Water containers and filtration straw

You can only survive for 3 days without water, so you need to keep yourself hydrated.Β  Access to clean and safe water is important for survival so bring a filtration straw. You can put many small bottles in your go-bag for water supply.


You can’t think well when your stomach is hurting. Food like water is a necessity for our human functions. Packed dried and easy to eat foods are recommended in your go-bag. You can also put chocolates for your calorie needs. Just a reminder to regularly check expiration dates of your food items in your go back and replace them.

Other Important Content

The essential things are already covered now we go with the other important content in your go-bag.


Your clothes, in an emergency, can make a huge impact on your survival. Choose wisely your clothes in your go-bag. Pack those that can withstand any environmental conditions. Carefully monitor the transition of seasons and update your clothes accordingly.


You need lightning as you navigate terrains and conditions a headlamp will help you do that.

GPS app, maps, and compass

You need these as land navigation tools so that you can check your direction as you travel and be safe.

Rifle, carry and ammunitions

For self-defense purposes in cases of hostile persons on your way or wild animals, be sure you’re loaded and in a defensive mode as you travel.

Our takeaway

As a prepper, a go-bag is a nice way to ensure everything is in place once you decide to bug-out from your home and seek safety elsewhere. We just give some list in the checklist depending on your individual needs and preferences you can add more items to your go-bag.

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