Pistol vs. Revolver for Bugging Out

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Picking a bug out handgun is not a piece of cake. Your survival and self-defense skills will mostly rely on it when SHTF. So here are a few things to consider when picking between a pistol and a revolver when bugging out.


Weight is one consideration when choosing a bugout firearm, In fact, many of the same factors that will influence whether or not a weapon is properly sized for you will also be used to determine whether it is properly weighted for you. Remember that your bug out bag needs to be as light as possible.


If something happens to your handgun when you’re bugging out, it is impossible to have it prepared immediately, especially if you’re in an SHTF situation. Consider how your pistol or revolver can handle inclement circumstances. Keep in mind that guns may be delicate to moisture, dust, or being carried all the time.Β 

Level of Recoil

A handgun’s recoil can be mitigated by a whole host of design choices, and almost any way to reduce recoil is desired. This factor affects how much higher your shot lands than is sighted. The weight of the firearm is also associated with recoil. Although you want your bugout gun to be as light as possible, try to strike a balance between the two.

In conclusion, not all handguns are made equally for bugging out. These three are the basic features to take note of, but also try to consider other factors like the gun’s rage, feel, ease of assembly, and the size.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Pistol

Pistols are the most famous handguns used for protection. Semi-automatic pistols are favored by many because they include high capacity magazines, reliability, less recoil, the triggers are easier to use, the sights are better, and they fire faster. You’ll be able to shoot more quickly with one and fire off various bullets even if they aren’t as well placed rather than rely on one or two shots that were better aimed.

When bugging out during a very critical event, you can trust a pistol over a revolver because it can carryΒ  12 – 20 bullets versus 5 or 6 in a revolver. Another advantage over the revolver is its ease of reloading. You can also carry several of them pre-loaded and be ready to fire again in a matter of seconds since the magazines are smaller and more compact.

However, pistols should be cleaned regularly. They require high maintenance as they can also be picky with the ammunition that will go through them without causing damage or jams. It’s also not recommended for beginners because it will be complicating for them to operate slides,Β  slides stop, magazine releases, decockers, and safeties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Revolver

Revolvers also have their advantages over the pistol. First, they are known for being simple and dependable, especially for beginners who suddenly need to bug out. These handguns are safe to operate in either single or double action mode. New shooters can grasp how they function conveniently.Β 

They also don’t need to worry about how hard it is to slide the back on a pistol and chamber a round. Lastly, It is very easy to recover brass from a revolver. When the revolver is empty, just swing out the cylinder and push the extractor rod.

There are only a few drawbacks to using revolvers as a bugout handgun. For instance, they have a limited capacity, are extremely slow to reload, and the cartridges which they shoot can be too heavy for city or in-home use. You need to practice with the speed loaders from time to time and carry ammunition that will not shoot through walls.

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