Possible Long-Term Scenarios for Covid-19

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Let’s face it, this pandemic, the coronavirus, will forever change everything. It went from an outbreak in China to a global pandemic in less than two months, affecting the global economy and accelerating some trends as we know it.

Here are some of its potential long-term impacts.

Remote Working

One possible long-term impact of the pandemic is a boom in remote working and remote applications like Zoom and Slack. Freelancing is already a trend as many have become disillusioned with the corporate culture of yesteryear that still exists in some large companies. There are corporations that now offer work-from-home options to compete with other companies.

If you’re living off-the-grid, this may be good news. Online jobs are a great idea for people looking to find a source of income while also wanting to live in a remote place, go homesteading and be self-sufficient.

However, you may find yourself having nearby neighbors in your remote area as telework and social distancing may empty out the cities and lead to a decentralization of the nation’s hyper centralized urban map.

More Surveillance

Another possible long-term impact of the coronavirus is more control, surveillance, and privacy infringements. Authorities need to track the infected, put people in quarantine, and control who is crossing their borders. We can, therefore, expect an increase in privacy-reducing tracking and surveillance measuring of citizens under the disguise of combating the viral pandemic.Β 

Populist politics may also benefit from the panic caused by the pandemic. Xenophobia and border controls will become a hot topic again, and in the long run, it may cause civil unrest. One way to prepare for riots is to ensure that your basic preps and backup supplies are in order. Start setting up a personal self-defense system and security features in your home.Β Β 

You also want to start forming a community of like-minded people that will band together for protection and safety during the chaos.

Food and Retail Innovation

Retailers and suppliers currently have no choice but to innovate or exit the industry because of the coronavirus disruption. These corporations will start utilizing new models to continue thriving. Food retail will be accelerated by the convergence and hybridization. App-based deliveries will be enhanced and Americans will return to eating much of their food from restaurants as soon as the pandemic is over.

Two scenarios may occur based on this phenomenon. First, people may become more reliant on fast food deliveries than before and actually have less chance to survive during an SHTF event. At an SHTF event, restaurants, takeouts, and deliveries are not likely to operate and you’ll be forced to use your skills in growing your own food.Β 

On the bright side, the innovation of food and retail will give you more chances to enhance your stockpiled items. It will be easier to collect food and home essentials, and you’ll be more prepared when another disaster strikes. It’s really up to you on how you’ll take advantage of these market innovations.

More Preppers

As the number of cases continues rising, many people, are learning to stock up on food, medicine, and other supplies. Cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers are disappearing from store shelves. They have even started appreciating isolation and self-sufficiency because of the social distancing policy.

Veteran preppers need not rush to their grocery stores because they have considered this threat and other situations like terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and even the apocalypse a long time ago. Chances are, the number of people in the prepper community will rise as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The idea that peppers are overly paranoid may even be unlearned by many people. In times of crisis like this one, having plenty of supplies and food on hand starts to look more rational, not to mention that nearly half of Americans don’t even have a basic emergency kit in their home. Could this be our β€œI told you so” moment?Β 

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