Preppper’s Pandemic Preparedness Guide

primitive survivors pandemic preparedness

Since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 as a pandemic, the whole world is in panic. People were asked to quarantine themselves at home, businesses were temporarily shut down, and citizens rush over to the nearest groceries to shop in panic.Β 

As a survivalist and a prepper, how do you keep you and your family safe? What can you do to prepare for an outbreak like this?Β 

Virus outbreaks such as this one have happened before. And it will happen again. The best thing to do is to be prepared. This is a pandemic preparedness guide to keep you and your family safe.

Don’t Panic

Similar to every survival situation, the best thing to do is to keep calm and don’t panic. Panicking only leads to stupid decisions, it can lead to dangerous situations, too.Β 

As a prepper, you have been preparing for this for a long time. Especially for homesteaders. Everything you need is already at home. Homesteaders have everything growing in their backyard garden.

If you do not have a backyard garden with crops, then there’s no reason to panic, either. Almost everything right now can be done digitally. You can have groceries and necessities delivered straight to your doorstep.Β 

As a survivalist, you are already equipped with the skills and knowledge to surpass this. You can make everything from scratch – disinfectants, alcohol, and even tissue paper. There’s no reason to go out in panic.Β 

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Stay Informed

In times like these, accurate information is vital. Do not trust everything you see on social media. It is easy for websites to create fake news.Β 

Watch the news on television. Only read news and updates from trusted sites for the information you need such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organizations. There are also plenty of experts in the field sharing what they know. Do your research and make sure everything you read and share are viable news from reliable sources.Β 

Create a Solid Plan

Preppers are great at planning. You need to have a solid plan for when SHTF. Prepare for every likely scenario such as losing your job, schools shutting down, and etc.

Think of what you will do in case these scenarios happen? A solid plan gives you peace of mind. It helps you keep focused and prepared for whatever comes next.Β 

Use Your Skills

As we said, you are already equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. to go through this. It is time to put your skills to the test and learn new skills that will help you in every survival scenario.Β 

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