Prepping for an Economic Collapse: Survival and Self-Defense Edition

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Many people continue to disguise the country as having a robust and recovering economy when an economic collapse could happen in just a jiffy. No one could really predict it and its causes. In our previous articles, we talked about what would happen in an economic downfall and how you should prepare money-wise.

In this article, we will cover the basic skills and preparations you need to take in order to survive such a challenge.

Stock up on Supplies

One of the most effective ways to survive from economic swings is to have a supply full of food and tools. It’s highly possible that prices will double and your local grocery store will run out of products in just a matter of hours.Β 

Store basic staple foods that are non-perishable to sustain your family during an economic downfall. These include canned goods, boxed mixes.Β  packaged dinners, cold cereal, ketchup, and similar items. These foods will remain good for 1-7 years depending on the food, packaging and storage conditions.

Water is also a must-have. What will you do if a lack of resources shuts down the water system for a month? Ideally, you should prepare to have at least a gallon per person per day for two to our weeks. You should also purchase a heavy-duty filter to purify additional water

Tissue paper, feminine products, shampoo, contact solutions, and other items are also important. Don’t forget about first-aid supplies and your medicines to keep you healthy.

As for your tools, make sure you’re complete with a garden, handyman, and kitchen equipment in your house.Β 

Maintain a Current Passport

In case you’ll have to leave your country, make sure you can legally leave! Always keep your passport updated or current, and make sure to have necessary plans with your family about this matter.Β 

Grow Your Own Food

Even a small garden in your yard can help sustain the whole family during a crisis. A few potted tomatoes is a good place to start. Goji berries, bush cherries, and other plants can be easily incorporated in your landscape while fixing nitrogen into the soil to help other plants.

You can also start raising chickens to provide you with the protein and fat you need.

Secure Your Home

Make your home as unappealing to intruders and thieves as possible. Always strengthen all entry point to your home, plant thorny barriers, build string fences, and install security systems.

Most importantly, keep your valuables out of sight. Don’t let people know you have three years’ worth of food supplies!

Learn Gun Ownership

When people are without hope, hungry, and desperate they may pose a serious threat to your safety. But the truth is, having a gun does not guarantee your safety. But learning how to use your gun can! Proper training and responsible ownership are important to keep you and your family safe with the help of a firearm.Β 

Learn other self-defense skills as well. No matter how fast and accurate you are with your firearm, there are going to be certain situations where you’re firearm will not prevent the attack.

Build Relationships

We significantly increase our chance of survival as we work together. Families are a great example of relationships that are designed to increase the comfort and well-being of each of its members.

You and your neighbors will also need to trust each other and prepare to share. In our next article, we will be talking about the skill of bartering!Β 

These relationships are important for success in everyday life, and even more important when an SHTF event occurs.

Stay Vigilant!

An economic collapse is a real threat and has serious consequences. We hope this prepping guide has helped you put together your game plan. Worry will not change the future, but positive action now can help mitigate the hardships that may come our way.

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