Prepping For Your Fishing Competition

Participating in fishing competition and tournaments is a path that anglers take to add variety to the entire fishing escapade. It is also a chance to hone up their skills since they match up against other enthusiasts in the open waters, with time pressure. In here, you don’t have the luxury of going out there at your own pace. Waking up early in the morning to prepare is one, but there are more things to learn in order to win the tournament.


You may think that you are mentally-prepared or have the skills to succeed against your competitors but without the foundation of research, you might find yourself on the losing end. Time to get your gears ready and prepare yourself through research. Study the map of the venue and interact with local anglers. Learn about the habits of the fish and their movement. For instance, during the spring season, bass species usually move to shallow waters for spawning, which makes it a good choice to head over to flat spaces and backwaters. After the process of spawning, they return deep in the waters. With the amount of research you put yourself into before the tournament, you know that you’re in the right track.

Organize Your Fishing Equipment

You’ve bought all the necessary equipment, you’ve made sure they are ready for the fishing competition, and you’re ready to go. However, the blunder may focus on being unable to locate where they are while you are aboard the fishing boat. Here are some specifics:

  • Keep the tackle to be used in the most accessible spots. This will let you quickly acquire the terminal tackle item or alternate lure once they go awry.
  • De-clutter your gear by leaving at home all the items that won’t be needed during the tournament.
  • Play by the sizes and spaces of the boat and body of water. Packing light is a plus and this is applicable to rods and reels.

Strategize, Strategize, Strategize

Strategizing in preparation for your fishing tournament constitutes two important aspects – mental strategy and practice. Spend some time thinking about your gameplan and storing them within your mind, so you’ll be ready to put this mentality into practice once needed. You can pre-fish before the tournament, and focus on varying up your areas and practicing not to catch much fish within a single location. Aim for getting them from several different locations. Include in your strategy the possible weather changes that may occur on that day. Then, list down your action plan based on the probable climate.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

A percentage of prepping for the fishing competition is all about the physicality of the angler, and a percentage is all about the mindset. Aside from the research, begin with the smallest things like getting enough sleep and enough rest before the tournament, or listen to your favorite music before the big day.

Once you are in the actual contest, do not lose your composure. It is true that throughout the tournament, some anglers will have knots failing, causing them to lose grip. It’s all about the pressure but what’s important is not to be swayed by these instances.

Confidence is key. Find your inspiration. You can finish off the fishing competition well and bring home the bacon! — in that case, that pertains to the fresh fish catch.

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