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Prepping: Stocking Food For Your Survival

Natural disasters can strike at any time. This is why it is imperative that a survival system is set in place. Imagine being stuck in your home, isolated with no way to go out and buy supplies. Be smart and fill your stockpile up with valuable food, clean water, and emergency medical supplies.Β 

Experts support the idea of having a supply of food and clean water as well as a survival plan designed for the worst-case scenario. Whether you believe that it is possible for a zombie apocalypse to happen or not, it will be wise to stock up on food items that can provide sustenance and vital nutrients over an extended period and that take up as little storage space as possible.

Survival 101:

Stock up on canned goods and processed food

This may not be as healthy as fresh fruits or vegetables, meat that was freshly cut or newly baked bread, but these are food options that will last much longer in storage than fresh food items.

One disadvantage of processed food is that you and your family can get tired of it if you eat it day after day. Make sure to buy a variety of choices to avoid getting fed up with only one food choice for the entire duration of the emergency. It is wise to get enough supplies for at least a 30-day lockdown.

Set up a cool, dry place for food storage

Whether you live in a big house that has a β€œpanic room” specially built to protect inhabitants, or if you live in a small apartment with limited space, you should always find a good place to store your emergency stock items.

Also make sure this storage will be able to safely store away batteries (for flashlights and emergency lights in case the power goes out), an emergency medical kit and other supplies that might be sensitive to moisture and heat.

Everyone has their role

Brief the members of your family and give them individual responsibilities for when a disaster will strike. You and your spouse can be in charge of making sure the place is safe, while the other members of the family can be accountable for getting the emergency supplies, cooking, preparing the food and ensuring the safety of everyone in the house.

Lead your family like a platoon that’s prepared and ready to move anytime if needed.

Advantages of having survival food

$$$ will be saved!

Instead of waiting for the last minute (when the weatherman announces the next hurricane coming tomorrow), you can save a lot of money if you plan and stock up on goods even when there is no forecasted storm. The prices of food items can skyrocket days before a major storm, especially when stocks are low. Beat the others to it, and stock up ahead of time!

Food can be used as a bargaining tool

We can never tell what kind of emergency you will be facing, it might be something as trivial as a week-long blizzard, or it could be something as sinister as an airborne virus that would prevent you and your family from going out into the open air for an extended period. In the event of a major disaster, the food you stock up on can become a bargaining tool. If your city would be placed under a state of calamity, with all communication lines destroyed. Your neighbor might have a radio, the only means of getting information from other places. You can be able to trade some of your food for this valuable information.

Assume the worst things that can happen

When you will be mapping out your contingency plan and choosing what kind of supplies to buy, it will always be wise to assume the worst. You are not being paranoid, you are just being realistic. That is why you are making the right choice to prepare for disasters before they even happen. Prevention is better than cure is the golden rule for your survival.

Here you go folks, prepping is only one of the ways you can survive in times of emergency. We just gave you the basics of survival stay tuned for more of our survival tips here.Β 

Check us regularly so that you’re always ready for emergencies and can strike anywhere!

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