Prepping with Minimal Survival Gear

A survival kit is a bag or container full of items that you could possibly need to survive a difficult situation. The contents of a survival kit depend on the person building it and the possible scenario that may occur. However, all survival kits are designed to help the individual acquire the most basic needs of life.

Survival kits usually contain tools for acquiring fire, water, shelter, and food. They also include self-defense tools and medical items for survival.

They are important and everyone should have it should a pandemic, earthquake, terrorist attack, or even the apocalypse come! Whether you’re an indoor person or someone who loves going out to the wilderness, you should always have a survival kit to rely on in case of an emergency.

This is because, when a disaster hits, response teams and government programs may not be able to cater immediately to you. Many people will be unprepared and these services may be slow and ineffective. With a survival kit, however, you’ll guarantee your own safety in a survival situation and even help the police, firefighters, and rescue teams!Β 

Is The Size of Your Survival Kit Important?

Survival kits come in all shapes and sizes. It can be as tiny as an Altoids tin or as big as a military backpack. But for practicality, it is undeniable that the bigger the kit, the more chances of surviving.

But that doesn’t mean carrying your whole house with you. For the survival kit to serve its purpose, the goal is to help you in as many needs with the most minimal items. You should also consider your physical fitness and skills when picking your gear and your kit.Β 

One of the most effective and efficient ways to prep with minimal survival gear is to learn survival skills. For instance, you don’t have to bring a gallon of water with you when bugging out if you know how to locate fresh water and purify it. You may also carry less synthetic tinder if you know how to use natural materials when starting a fire.

Learn to be resourceful as well. For example, a lightweight garbage bag can serve as your rain-proof vest and also a part of your shelter when you’re stuck in the woods.Β Β Β 

Lastly, go for items with a multitude of purposes. Swiss knives, for instance, have blades, scissors, can openers, toothpicks, and tweezers which are great for hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities.

The Types of Survival Kits

There is a wide variety of survival kits for every situation. Here are the most basic survival kits every prepper should haveΒ 

  • Car survival kits. You might get stranded in your car in the middle of the road for whatever reason. Factors like heavy snowfall and floods can stall your car, so make sure you have an emergency kit ready with you.Β 
  • Boat survival kit. Boat survival kits contain essential items like a waterproof flashlight with batteries, granola bar, and other non-perishable food items to stay energized, small first-aid supplies, knife, signal mirror, compass, paracord, etc.
  • Military survival kit. These kits are for many purposes. They can help you get through ordeals on camping trips or if you get lost in the middle of nowhere. The best military kits come with waterproof packing, Swiss knives, survival blankets, compass, and water bag for drinking, waterproof matches, signaling mirrors, flares, and first-aid supplies.Β 
  • Winter survival kit. These kits contain jumper cables, windshield fluid, a blanket, first-aid supplies, maps, shovels, flares, bottled water, high-energy protein bars and non-perishable food items, and other items you need to stay warm wherever you are.
  • Wilderness survival kit. Wilderness kits are smaller compared to a traditional survival package or a disaster-prep kit. They usually have water filters, paracords, first-aid supplies, a knife, etc.Β 
  • Survival kit for natural disasters. Radios, flashlights, waterproof blankets, non-perishable food items, and medical supplies are important for disaster survival kits.
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