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Preserving Food The Natural Way For When SHTF

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Food preservation is not only handy for when you are spending a long time outdoors, it is also handy when you are preparing for doomsday. One of the most important skills a prepper need to learn is food preservation. There are instances that the grocery store and even the wet market are very far from where you have set up camp. Worst case scenario, there will be no time to hit the groceries in case of an emergency or no groceries at all when SHTF.Β 

Your food supplies are there, you tick them off the checklist. But are you certain that they are well-preserved? One of the last things that you want to happen while outdoors is to find out that the food you brought cannot be consumed because they have been rotten. Luckily, you can learn tips on preserving these supplies using natural sources. Aside from being effective, they are also instantly available since they can be found around.

These tips will help you prepare meals for your outdoor adventure, and when SHTF.

Lemon Juice

Lemons can be found fresh outdoors or you can grow them at home. They are great preservatives for your food since they contain a good amount of Vitamin C. This vitamin has been considered a great antioxidant to avoid rotting and spoilage. How does it happen? It’s all about the pH levels. Go ahead and find out.

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary is a popular kitchen ingredient, but did you know that extract from the leaves can also be an effective preservative? The extract contains carnosic and rosmarinic acid, antioxidants that prevent bad bacteria from spoiling the food.


If you want to preserve some of the supplies while outdoors, simply get your stash of vinegar from your picnic basket or from the prepared bag, and use this. The way it has been fermented, from the mixture of sugar and water, gives it the property to kill microbes that may cause spoilage in food.


Is this also the most common natural preservative? Yes. Salt. This has been used since ancient times, particularly to help dehydrate microbes in fish and meat, thus preventing the further growth of bacteria. Salt can also prevent the development of yeasts and molds. With this, you can always have a good dinner with meat even if you are far from the city. If you want to preserve the meat you caught from hunting or fishing, these can also be very effective.


Another common preservative is sugar. While they may not be used alongside meat, they are perfect for fruit preservation since they have the ability to draw out water and thus, killing bacteria and microorganisms. They also prevent the growth of molds, yeasts, and other bad bacteria.

No spoilers. Indeed, you should always think about the goal of preventing any bad circumstance to happen during your outdoor trip. More importantly, you can be sure you have food in stock when SHTF. There are more natural preservatives that you can add to this list as you go along. Being resourceful is definitely the key. Preserving food does not have to come from artificial sources since you can make use of nature’s gifts to have them according to your advantage.

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