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There are plenty of relevant reasons to own some tactical gear. The world is so full of riots and political conflicts. Imagine how one march could escalate into a shooting and extreme violence in your town. But your SHTF-approved guns and knives won’t protect you from a bullet that’s coming your way. You need protective gear!

Your personal protective equipment (PPE) should be number one on your list. PPE changes based on your environment and needs. However, it always consists of a few basic components. We will dive into what basic things you need to stay protected and ready for SHTF situations. Here are some of them.

Shirt and Pants

Your pants and shirt depend on your environment. What is the situation or weather there? Don’t wear a cotton tee if the area you’re in is experiencing the rainy season. And don’t wear wool in the summer heat. This is common sense.Β 

Basically, just maintain a seasonal wardrobe that accommodates different conditions, just like a pair of the 5.11 Taclite Pro pants which have a nice mix of polyester and cotton, with a ripstop pattern to avoid rips and tears.


The helmet is also sometimes called pot or brain bucket and is usually made of Kevlar. Aside from protecting your head against a bullet, it also shields the head against blunt force, trauma, and shrapnel. This is why helmets should be of high quality but still lightweight.

Advanced combat helmets (ACH) are highly recommended and can be bought for under $200. They are NIJ Certified to provide Level III ballistic protection as required by the U.S. military. They are also relatively lightweight. A medium ACH weighs just three pounds.

There are also helmets out there that are Kevlar but not NIJ Certified. They claim quality because of their NIJ test results of certain weapon calibers not penetrating their helmets, but that does not mean they should easily be trusted.Β 


For gloves, we suggest you get rigid knuckled ones with leather palms and fingers to keep your trigger finger agile and dextrous. There are so many high-quality gloves out there, you don’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for a pair. For instance, Mechanix Gloves are great at providing basic protection


A good pair should protect you from nails and debris, but still keep your feet insulated and comfy. These boots should also last a long time and resist rolling ankles.Β 

We recommend Bate’s 922 8” boot for a balance of comfort and ankle support. It is a quiet boot with a flexible, tough-as-hell sole with moisture-wicking Gore-Tex fabric inside.

Knee Pads

These are optional unless you’ll have to crawl through spaces. Knee pads restrict movements and might feel bulky but they are highly protective against surfaces that may cause injuries. If you want good pads for elbow and knee protection, check out the HWI Pads from US Patriot Tactical. They are a favorite among service members and riot police teams.


A plate carrier and armor will be your primary point of protection against any threat. It should be comfortable, sized well, and should accommodate the gear you need for your rifle and general survival needs. That said, it shouldn’t be cheap. It should function as a protector of your critical organs, so do not settle for Chinese-made ones with poor stitching, unless you want to die right away in an SHTF scenario.

Armor plates matter just as much as the plate carrier. You can opt for USGI plates. However, we actually recommend against this because the military’s plates are ceramic and can have microscopic fractures that compromise their protection.

Stay Comfortable and Safe!

All of our recommendations are reliable as all of them have been tested in the field and can even double as equipment for hiking, camping, and other enjoyable backpacking activities. We also swear by these products because they are not the most expensive, the newest, or the most complicated ones. But they are definitely one of the most effective ones!

Stay safe when SHTF with these protective gear now!

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