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Protein for Preppers: Fast Food for Hard Times

When it comes down to needing to bug-out, fast, acquiring food will definitely be a serious issue. This is why bringing some with you is so important. While the notion of happening upon some secluded environment where you can live off the land is quite appealing, it is also somewhat unrealistic. When you have to β€œget outta Dodge” quick, and the chips are down, you’re going to need smart protein sources. This means proteins that are well-packaged, capable of being preserved for long periods of time, and preferably easy to transport. Here are our top picks for a different kind of fast food!

Canned Tuna

Tuna, the reknownwed chicken of the sea is a fantastic prepper protein to have in your bug-out-bag. This is primarily because it has a shelf-life of up to 5 years. The other added bonus to canned tuna is the can itself can be used afterwards for things like alcohol stoves, camp security setups, or dry tinder storage. The only drawback of packing tuna cans is that packing too many can negatively influence the weight of your bag.


Perhaps the most widely accepted no-nonsense survival food out there that you should definitely have in your pack, is jerky. Good old-fashioned dried meat can go a long way in a pinch. Easily portable, and because of its unique preservation, jerky is capable of being rationed out throughout long periods of time. Even if you pack a good a mount of it, it won’t slow you down. It also tastes great a requires zero work on the front end in terms of cooking or prep.

Salmon Pouches

While we mentioned tuna earlier, one of the drawbacks that canned tuna has is the weight of the can itself. This is why a solid alternative are salmon pouches. Salmon is a source of protein and nutrition that is just as viable as tuna. The ability to pack more salmon and have it weigh less than an equivocal amount of tuna is a definite plus when considering the food in your protein pack.


Another great non-perishable source of protein for your bug-out-bag can be found in a single can (or bag) of almonds. While almonds aren’t the least expensive thing out there to purchase, either in bulk or in small amounts, a little goes a long way with these nuts. In addition to protein, almonds also have a great deal of healthy fat, which can be essential in a survival situation.

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