Public Waterfowling Secrets You Should Know

Because you are headed for another duck hunting adventure, are you coming back to the usual private areas where you set off with friends? This time, we will encourage you to deviate from what you’ve been used to and try to waterfowl in public spaces.

You heard that right. Public waterfowling areas are more open for the general public that private hunting venues. This can make or break your hunt, and also since there’s a lot of crowds you can hunt with if you head over to these places. But for some hunters, they take this as a challenge.

Tip # 1: Wake Up Early

If this is still a secret for you, then know that getting up early to these public areas is key to getting the best catch. It is true though that there are places that will have specific allowable time for you to hunt, so you have to also check on the regulations. Also, if you want to find more birds, you can save the weekdays on your calendar to hunt, instead of over the weekends.

Tip # 2: Or, Choose To Go Late

If you think that being early may not be possible for you, it is also alright to arrive later in the day, considering that you will spot the best times. This is more of a hunting hack, where you look for a time slot where the previous batch of hunters has already finished. It has been said that during the mid-morning, these public areas are best for waterfowling.

Tip # 3: Watch The Weather

Aside from being a practical habit to always check the weather forecast each time you head over for the hunt, the weather also tells a lot about the presence of the ducks. Cold fronts provide a landscape for ducks that are not call-shy, so you can hunt after a cold front has passed. New birds can also show up when winds are coming from the north. Furthermore, you can skip the early season if you need to focus and avoid the big crowds.

Tip # 4: Maintain Movement

This means that as much as you can, you can utilize boats, four-wheelers, on foot, or other means that will make you approach the ducks and stay away from other hunters. These will also help you access areas that are difficult to reach. Creating a decoy strategy for yourself that matches this movement will also be helpful. Be alert to also move when ducks are found somewhere else.

Tip # 5: Volunteer

Connections can only do so much, but this will propel you a step closer to success. Volunteering with agencies of the state that manage these lands, you can always obtain insider information about places that have the waterfowl and can also give you special privileges that other hunters do not have. It is an investment of time, and it is impossible to volunteer and then not commit to it, but this will give you great returns.

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