Reality Isn’t Like a Survival Movie

While some people watch survival movies for entertainment, others do so with the aim of learning tricks to help them survive with the bare minimum. However, it is important to understand that the main purpose of these shows is to entertain. Watching someone in a real fight to survive can be a boring undertaking, making it necessary for the shows to take certain liberties when telling stories. As such, if you are keen on getting information from these movies, you should be able to distinguish fact from fiction. Here are a few things that survival movies get wrong.

CPR brings most people back to life and takes seconds

Many movies will show CPR being used on a victim for a short while after they pass out. In most cases, the victim will come back to life easily and safely in a matter of seconds. However, CPR works a bit differently. While most shows will give the idea that it is used to bring people back to life, CPR is actually a technique for prolonging life. It is meant to keep blood flowing in the victim’s body until such a time that help arrives. Instead of drawing lessons from movies, you should take classes in order to learn when and how to administer CPR properly.

Tilt your head back to stop a nosebleed

Despite numerous recommendations not to tilt your head back when you nosebleed, some survival movies will show people doing it. This is not only ineffective but also presents the risk of chocking when blood makes its way to the esophagus. The most effective ways to stop a nosebleed would be to cold compress your nose or to press the soft tissue below the bridge of the nose using your thumb and index finger.

Wild animals can attack you unprovoked

While most wild animals are dangerous, it is unlikely that they will attack you without provocation. Most survival movies create the impression that every animal is dangerous. In case you run into an animal in the wilderness, the last thing you will want to do is taunt them. Try to remain calm while backing away gently and slowly. If you try to run from animals such as wolves, cougars and bears, they will outrun you and are likely to be aggressive. In the event that an animal attacks you, go for their eyes while making as much noise as you can.

Suck out snake venom after being bitten

In a good number of movies, someone will suck snake venom out of a bite in an attempt to save the life of the victim. However, there is no way you can catch and spit the venom before it makes its way into the bloodstream. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you should try to keep the victim still. If you have a bandage, use it to cover the wound loosely before seeking medical attention.

Starting a fire is easy

The first thing that most people in survival situations do is to start a fire. While they make the process of starting a fire by rubbing sticks together look easy, you should understand that mastering this technique can take months. Even after learning the technique, starting a fire under the difficult conditions in the wilderness can take a number of hours.

You cannot let someone with a head injury fall asleep

Survival situations have made us believe that when someone with a head injury falls asleep, they will go into a coma and will not wake up again. However, it has been established that depriving the victim of sleep can make them weak. As such, you should let them sleep if they want to.

With information on some of the things that most survival movies get wrong, you are now in a better position to be smart, safe and prepared. Whether you plan to go camping, hiking, fishing or take part in any outdoor activity, these facts will help keep you safe.

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