Recoil Reduction Tips

The experience of painful recoil is something that turns a great deal of shooters off. Rifle shooting is more fun when you’re hitting what you’re shooting at and it certainly isn’t any fun at all if the only thing getting hit is your shoulder. Painful recoil occurs when the riffle stock is not being positioned snugly enough against the shoulder. If the stock is held properly, recoil is dispersed into the body’s upper trunk, where it can be comfortably absorbed. There are a few little things you can do, aside from ensuring this snug shoulder hold, that can help reduce felt recoil. Here are three quick tips.

Keep Shoulders Clear of Gear

In order to shoot with precision and minimize recoil pain, you must ensure that your shooting shoulder is clear of anything that could possible interfere with your positioning of the rifle against your shoulder. Simply put, nothing should come between the natural pocket of your shoulder and the stock of the rifle being pressed into it. While the latest tactical vests and web gear may look really cool, they are often made by folks who can forget that a shooter needs his shoulder clear in order to shoot accurately.

Bench Press

It is an undisputed fact that muscle absorbs shock better than flab, and the firmer viscosity of muscle tissue resists pressure. This means that muscular development of the shoulder and chest area can aid in lowering felt recoil. By improving your muscle tone through bench pressing, curling or doing push-ups, you can effectively tame the amount of recoil your body feels moments after the trigger is pulled. If you needed another reason to keep in shape or get that gym membership, there it is, Champ.

Invest in a Muzzle Brake

A muzzle brake reduces recoil by diverting part of the gas explosion coming from the barrel to the side or top of the muzzle. This means that they cut down the rearward recoil of the gun quite significantly. By redirecting the propellant gasses to counter the effect of recoil, you are giving yourself a better shot at both accuracy and the painful effect of shooting a heavy-caliber rifle. Yes, they can get expensive, but they are well worth the investment.

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