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Great when lights go out, and long lasting

By:Sally Andrews
Product:TL900 Headlamp, XT808 Flashlight


I normally don’t expect much from online purchases, but this flashlight is amazing. Better than my big long Mag light.

By:Tana McDuffie
Product:TL900 Headlamp, XT808 Flashlight

Flash Light.

Outstanding Light. I’d be a fol not to have one of these in each vehicle + the Go Bags.

By:Gary E Elliott
Product:TL900 Headlamp, XT808 Flashlight


I’d had the flashlight for months before my next missionary trip. Once in the Philippines I found it to be superior to every flashlight around (including the 3 additional from another brand that I al brought). I’m glad I brought extra batteries though because in two months of frequent usage I had to change them twice. But overall I’m really impressed and glad I bought it.

Product:XT808 Flashlight

One Outstanding Light

This is one outstanding flash/spot light. It is extremely bright and the zoom is very handy. I have taken this out camping and it’s the best light I’ve owned. It out performs all of the big six volt lights I used to take with me. It’s also very durable. The rechargeable battery is the way to go. It holds a charge well and has a long burn time.

By:Bill Tompkins
Product:XT808 Flashlight

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