Self-Defense for Survivalists

While a great deal of survivalists spend time crafting tools, building bug-out kits and tending to homestead projects, an aspect that’s often overlooked is self-defense. We’re not talking the guns and ammo department here, but rather, physical countermeasures… AKA martial arts.

Being able to protect your body, using your body, is vital in any SHTF scenario. Should that moment ever come, you’ll be far better prepared to handle it if you’ve invested in a martial art.

Not all martial arts are created equal, some disciplines are based in form and body control, while others are geared toward more real-world fighting applications. Here are 3 fighting systems that are time-tested and highly effective in real-world scenarios.

Note: Simply taking a few classes or watching some Youtube videos is not training. To achieve the desired effect of being ready when SHTF, you must commit to and repetitively practice a martial art. Β 

Muay Thai

Also known as β€œThe Science of 8 Limbs,” Muay Thai is a stand-up fighting system that utilizes 8 points of contact: punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. It is the national sport of Thailand, and often regarded as the most feared striking art known to man. Muay Thai develops core strength, and its use of elbows and knees are also effective in ground fighting scenarios. For close-quarters, stand-up fighting, Muay Thai is the most real-world effective martial art a person can participate in.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

When it comes to ground-fighting and grappling, Brazilian jiu-jitsu(BJJ) is the king of the ring, and the real world. The martial art is an adapted version of traditional jiu-jitsu. BJJ was designed for a smaller person to effectively defend themselves against a larger opponent on the ground. Somewhat similar to judo, in terms of throws and skilled take-downs, BJJ is renowned for the technique of β€œpulling guard,” in which a person can effectively disable his opponent regardless of being beneath the attacker. The chokes, submission holds, and grappling make BJJ a particularly efficient fighting system for women and smaller-framed individuals. Β 


Also known as Kali, or Arnis, this martial art originated in the Philippines. Eskrima is an invaluable martial art for the modern-day prepper, because it utilizes everyday materials such as sticks and simple fixed-blade knives. Students of Eskrima only advance to open-hand fighting techniques after successfully mastering stick and knife techniques. Traps, holds and locks are also employed in Eskrima, as is the use of flexible weapons such as handkerchief or sarong. For the average survivalist, practicing Ekrima is highly beneficial. The diversity of attacks, weapons, and movement make this martial art as resourceful as it is deadly.

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