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Senate Bill 501: Oregon’s New Bill One Of The Toughest Yet

Oregon’s newly proposed bill makes it more difficult to purchase firearms β€” just goes to show how much gun laws differ from state to state. Not wishing to be beaten in the Democratic trend laid out by California, New York, New Jersey, etc., Oregon is on the verge of becoming one of the most anti-gun states in the nation.

In a state like Idaho, you can purchase a gun from a private owner without a background check. Oregon requires a background check forΒ all gun purchases. And since that’s not enough, Oregonians now have to deal withΒ Senate Bill 501.

The bill came from Students for Change, a group of Lake Oswego teens formed last year after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Rep. Andrea Salinas, D-Lake Oswego, and Sen. Rob Wagner, D- Tualatin, submitted Senate Bill 501 on their behalf.

The new bill requires the applicationΒ for AND purchase of a permit to purchases any firearm. An individual can apply and buy only two permits per month, one for handguns and the other for a shotgun or rifle. The amount of ammunition that is legal to purchase would be limited to twenty rounds per person within a 30-day period, and ban all magazines with a capacity of more than five rounds.

House Republican Leader Carl Wilson has stated his view onΒ Senate Bill 501: β€œIt’s clear we Second Amendment supporters have another existential struggle on our hands. Folks need to contact the sponsors because the result of this bill will be to criminalize the average, gun-owning Oregonian. Oregon legislature takes aim at 2nd Amendment – again!”

Senate Bill 501 further criminalizes gun owners by threatening them with imprisonment in case of a failure to report lost or stolen firearms.

β€œIt’s typical. When reactionary sentiment seeks to tighten its grip on criminal or predatory behavior, it’s the law-abiding who are throttled. The intended effect is never achieved, and plenty of unintended effects erupt. A permit is the very definition of infringement on a right. Through the requirement that citizens obtain a permit to purchase a firearm, SB 501 would turn a Constitutionally recognized right into a pay-to-play privilege.”

Wilson has pointed out thatΒ Senate Bill 501 automatically, in one quick move, criminalizes a huge majority of Oregonians β€” current law-abiding gun owners who own thousands of magazines thatΒ accommodate more than five rounds. In the blink of an eye, they find themselves in the same standing as the criminals who they try to protect themselves from. Gun owners would also need to make sure they report any firearm theft immediately or risk a hefty fine. Not only that, victims of theft or loss can also be imprisoned.

Suddenly, even after all these years of being a good and law-abiding citizen, gun owners get demonized by default.

β€œThere is simply no way to make this palatable. No acceptable compromise,” Leader Wilson stated. β€œThere’s much more to the story of violence than can be wished away by simply making more criminals. Or enacting unenforceable laws that erode the state’s credibility and the public’s confidence in the prospect of good governance or real safety.”

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  • Watch the You Tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what happens to the citizens of a country who allow their government to disarm them. We have a God given right to protect ourselves and should never allow socialist/communist politicians to disarm us because they are our enemy.

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