Seven Hunting Myths Debunked

primitive survivors hunting myths

There are many myths in every aspect of the world that people want you to believe in. The same goes for hunting. Sometimes, you can’t even tell which you should believe in anymore! But with proper education enough experiences on deer hunting, these perceptions will soon change.

Here’s a list of hunting myths you should not believe in and the actual facts behind them!

Always Consider the Moon

The moon may matter as it is related to the five daily feeding time slots of whitetails during a 24-hour clock, but it does not influence the timing of the rut. Don’t play your hunt based on the phases of the moon. Otherwise, you will be left unsuccessful in hunting. Remember that the same goes for the weather. It does not affect the timing of the rut.


The rut happens at the same time each season, in a particular area. However, if you allow the weather to reveal peaks and valleys of daylight rutting behaviors and the moon to determine peak movement patterns during those particular quality weather days, you will be consistently rewarded. A good phrase to hunt by is that β€œA great moon during poor weather is a poor day to hunt. A poor moon during great weather is a great day to hunt”.

Deer Flee an Area Once Shooting Starts

This is only partly true. Animals never pack up their things and move. They just seek out hiding spaces in the day and visit food plots at night. They do not fully leave their location, as researchers at Auburn University state that deer only β€œreact” to hunting season.

Older Deer at Better at Hiding

They aren’t. This is also proven by the same study mentioned previously. The researchers used deer of all ages, sizes, and similar behaviors. They found out that regardless of age, bucks responded negatively to increased hunting pressure. By late November the chances of a buck entering the harvest zone during daylight hours were only a quarter of what they were when the season started.

More Hours on the Field Means More Bucks on the Wall

Less is more when it comes to finding a mature buck successfully. When it comes to finding consistent success in hunting mature bucks, precision hunting practices are the most effective way to go. The secret here is to recognize high value sit opportunities and to make sure that the days are not spoiled by hunting during low-value opportunities.Β 

Trail Cameras Frighten Deer

People, not trail cameras,Β  frighten deer. Placing blackout cameras at head level or higher and only accessing them during the hunting season when you hunt, is a great start! However, even if there is some risk that could be assumed by using a trail camera, the rewards far out way any potential concerns.Β 

You Can’t Urinate Next to Your Stand

If deer pick up on the human scent, then it might sound like peeing on your treestand is a bad idea. But this isn’t true. Human urine elicits little to no response from deer because most of them do not associate it with a predator.Β  More than likely, the only way that peeing near your treestand will hurt your chances is if the deer hear you doing it.

Hunting is Unethical

Hunting only becomes unethical when the state laws are not followed and when the code of ethics are disobeyed. For instance, hunters see to it that they minimize the deer’s suffering by making accurate shots with appropriate tools. They also make sure to respect the land that these animals live in. Hunting is not just about the thrill of the chase or even the venison, it is about respecting your quarry.

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