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Shooting Tips For Women

May is the month where families celebrate Mother’s Day. Children huddle and viciously plan to surprise their moms on this day. They buy surprise gifts, flowers, greeting cards, or take them elsewhere for a dinner or maybe, even outdoors. Primitive Survivors has something in store for you for this special occasion.

Women who hold guns, aim, and shoot are images of empowerment. In fact, many gun control advocacy groups have positively utilized these weapons to educate the world and promote women empowerment. In commemoration of Mother’s Day, we will get you some pieces that are centered toward women. Let’s begin.

Strong women

The statistics of female shooters and the number of those into the recreation are quite encouraging. There are more than 5.4 million target shooters in the U.S. who are female, and more than 3.3 million women hunters. Among this number, around 43 percent of female gun owners go for target shooting once and the number is still expected to increase.

Some of the biggest names in women’s shooting are hunter Theresa Vail, competitive shooter Tiffany Piper, Michelle Viscusi, another competitive shooter, Olympic trap shooter Corey Cogdell, and women’s outdoor news columnist Michelle Cerino, among others.

Looking for the right firearms for women

For women who wish to spend more time in these activities, they can always follow general tips about the tactical shooting, almost every point in there can be applicable. However, it is also great to know women-centric guidelines that will be more focused on their abilities. First, gun training is important. You can find several organizations that offer affordable courses around. Among the factors to look for before signing up include safety of the firearms, basic handling, shooting techniques, reloading guidelines, how to draw from a concealed carry purse or holster, the accuracy of the shots, shooting at moving targets, defense against various targets, and shooting in low light conditions. Β 

Choose courses that depend on your skill level and the preferences for the training that you want to accomplish. There are also groups that offer training for you and other women in your community, making it a group class.

Finally, practice makes perfect. These formal courses can be great investments but you can always utilize all resources and create shooting ranges in your backyard. Keep the connection with the community and keep learning.

The feminine stance

The body types of these women affect the way they stand when they aim for a shot. Women naturally tend to lean away from the target, which experts refer to as an unstable form. It makes recoil handling less successful and lessens recovery to get ready for another shot. Here are some tips to remember.

First, you can go try the so-called Isosceles stance wherein the shooter extends both arms toward targets and where shoulders are kept perpendicular toward the target, with the elbows locked. It mimics the isosceles triangle, and when done right, you can create a strong grip and assist with controlling the muzzle. You may also try a stance wherein the body becomes less of a target and pivots the body more, rotating the arms for the shoot, and minds the eyes for the target. It also ensures balance. Following these tips will have you stay focused on tactical shooting.

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