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Should You Invest in a Bicycle for Outdoor Adventures?

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A bike for any errand or adventure is the way to go! You will have the most fun you ever had in your life simply because you will enjoy customizing it and using it when you hit the trail or even when you simply go to the grocery store. You can even use it as your bug-out bike! If you’re still wondering whether you should invest in a bicycle for your next outdoor adventure, here are some reasons you should!

Biking Forces You to Travel More Slowly

And it’s a good thing! In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we don’t take the time to explore and notice everything around us. When we pass by a small town that has so much to offer, riding a car will only let you bypass the beautiful fields while hiking will get you too tired to even appreciate the view. With a bike, you can conveniently enjoy the fresh air and connect with the environment. Bike touring connects you with regions, towns, and people that simply isn’t possible through other forms of travel. It immerses you with everything since you can’t just speed away! Slow travel will creep into all aspects of your life and you’ll learn to play in creeks again.

You Can Use it for Commuting

What makes bikes stand out is how useful they are even for mundane tasks. Bikes can even come with mudguards and a rack, or at least the necessary mount when it’s raining! They keep most of the water off you and can make the difference between a comfortable ride and getting sodden.

And when you’re carrying some heavy stuff with you, you can always use a large pannier to swallow whatever it is you are bringing, be it groceries or materials for your next woodwork.Β 

Biking Can Help You Build Your Skills

Roads are predictable, but the trail isn’t. The surfaces here are loose and slippery, and never even. You can learn to respond to the bike moving and to cope with steeper slopes. The trails are really a better place to learn and acquire some skills. That automatically means boosting your bike-handling skills! Even more advanced mountain bike skills can be useful on the road. If you can jump or bunny-hop a mountain bike, you can hop a curb to get away from an irate cabbie.Β 

Cars Might Be Useless in Bug-Out Scenarios

With a bug-out bike and some basic gear, it will be easier to escape the area. This is especially true when there are subtle bike paths to sneak your way out of town nearly undetected. You can find maps for bike paths in your local bike shops.Β 

A moving vehicle may be faster, but a parked one is slower, so get a bike to avoid the traffic jam. It’s also more practical to get one when you live alone and don’t have to bug out with your whole family.Β 

Bikes are also much simpler than any vehicle. While some of them may come equipped with advanced accessories and unique mechanisms, the core mechanics are so understandable. Bokes have no complicated electrical parts or other mechanical stuff. This simple design means that the components parts are readily available and relatively straightforward to repair in an SHTF scenario.

Bikes and Traffic Jams Don’t Mix

There is no such thing as a bike traffic jam! When roads get crowded on the way to work,Β  bicycles can just slip past unperturbed. You can pedal your way past the helpless people on your way to work or anywhere else, even when you’re bugging out! Simply put, bikes are reliable, easy to operate, can get you from one place to another, and easy to maintain!

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