SHTF Threats You Should Prepare for

Not all of us face the same risk of disasters due to differences in location, culture, and economic situations. While most SHTF threats are possible to be universally faced, you need to determine the greatest risks in your place to be able to prepare for survival.

What are the potential risks that you need to consider as you prepare for survival? Here are some natural and manmade disasters, war-related events, end epidemics that you need to prep for.Β 

Take note that there are some hazards that you may have a reasonable amount of control over and others that are completely out of your control. Spend your mental energy and resources where you can make a difference and let go of the things which are out of your control.

No Law Enforcement

During an extreme SHTF scenario, it might be hard to find emergency responders and law enforcement. In fact, they might even be non-existent since officers will have to leave to take care of their own families. Prepare for empty grocery stores, no utilities, mass riots, and extreme violence when SHTF.

Fake Law Enforcement

Beware of people impersonating law enforcement and military personnel. Criminals will take advantage of innocent people by pretending to be firefighters, emergency responders, or police. This will be their easy way of looting homes and businesses.

Loss of Income

This is one situation that is not often talked about in the prepping community when it’s more realistic than a zombie apocalypse or an asteroid slamming the Earth. When this happens, make sure that you have an emergency fund and that you become self-reliant. The more independent you are, the better prepared you will be to survive unemployment, loss of income, etc.

Loss of income also means no surefire way to buy food, so fill your pantry with long-term food in case of this emergency. Build up approximately 3-6 months’ worth of food so your family does not go hungry.

This can also result in social unrest. If this happens, be prepared to evacuate immediately to a safer prearranged location or stay indoors for an extended period of time. Learn how to use firearms and ammunition. Train every responsible member of your household to use and care for each weapon. Firearms may be confiscated during martial law.

Heat Wave

Unusually long hot summers can cause blackouts which may leave the poor, young ones, elderlies, and the sick vulnerable to extreme heat. Crop failures and wildfires are common during a heatwave.

Learn how you can keep your home cool without the need for electricity. Also, stock bottled water, sports drink, and other beverages to encourage hydration. Purchase cooling hats, bandanas, neckbands, and vests to help reduce body temperature.


Drought is usually accompanied by increased temperatures, elevated fire hazard, insect infestation, plant disease, crop failure, decreased livestock production, and damage to wildlife. The economy is effected through higher food prices, loss of tourism, and increased unemployment rates.

Learn more about this natural disaster through the National Drought Information System. Their site contains maps, indexes, and regional assessments that help track water shortages. Learn how to landscape with native and drought-tolerant plants. Use a drip system to water when possible. Most importantly, conserve water. Purchase water-efficient appliances and install low flow plumbing fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms.


A pandemic is a widespread epidemic of a contagious disease that affects a high percentage of the population in a large geographic area. Throughout history, pandemics have included influenza, smallpox, measles, cholera, leprosy, malaria, tuberculosis, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), typhus, and others.

This large-scale illness and death can cause overwhelmed hospitals, staffing shortages, overwhelmed coroner, and mortuary services. It can then affect disruption to transportation, commerce, public utilities, emergency response services, and the government.Β 

To prepare yourself for outbreaks, strengthen your immune system through eating healthy food, exercising, and being proactive with your medical care. Prepare to self-quarantine, secure your home from uninvited guests, and stock masks, gloves, disinfectants, medications, and anything helpful that may provide comfort.

Sanitation Issues

The real danger that might actually be present in your home is none other than garbage. A long-term disaster situation can lead to massive trash and a lack of adequate sanitation. This can kill many people like a pandemic.

Even today, because of liberal policies that are destroying big cities throughout our country, we are starting to see Medieval diseases reemerge because of unsanitary living conditions in homeless and immigrant populations in these urban hell holes. In fact, in California, multiple disease outbreaks are running through these populations including Typhus.

Biological Warfare

A biological war uses viruses and fungi or other biological toxins to kill or harm people, resulting in the destruction of the economy and society. This has been done throughout history to kill and injure people for the sake of power. Water supplies poisoned with infected human or animal carcasses, plague contaminated bodies were thrown over city walls, contaminated food supplies and arrows infected by dipping them in decomposing bodies are all classic examples of germ warfare.


Stay updated about outbreaks, cases, and deaths from bacterial diseases. Moreover, stay safe by purchasing properly fitted military gas masks or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter masks which can filter most particles delivered through the air. Inhalation is the most effective means of contamination. Save a safe room in your house that is stocked with supplies.

Lastly, prepare to self-quarantine in the event an infectious disease epidemic results from the release of biological weapons.

The Power is in the Plan

It takes a lot of discernment and analysis to personalize your risk management plan. Some of these events are more likely to happen to your place, while some are far from possible. Remember that the real power lies in a well-designed plan.Β 

We hope this list of possible SHTF threats has helped you know where to start and what you need to do to prepare your family for the challenges that you might face.Β 

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