Skills‌ ‌to‌ ‌Barter‌ ‌after‌ ‌SHTF‌

Primitive Survivors teaches you various survival skills so you won’t be helpless during any disaster, whether it’s getting lost in the wild, a surviving a hurricane, or even an EMP. But there’s another good reason to learn survival skills, and that’s because of the barter economy.

In a post-SHTF world, money will surely be worthless and many people will resort to bartering just like the old times. We have recently talked about the items you can barter, but this article will help you learn the skills you can barter after SHTF!

First-Aid and Medical Training

You don’t have to be a doctor or a nurse to barter this skill. As early as now, engage in a professional first-aid and emergency training so you will be able to barter this skill during and after an SHTF scenario. You’ll surely thrive as hospitals are likely to be overrun and some will eventually close. In a world with no hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, etc people will be looking for people to help them with their medical issues. Without easily accessible medical care small cuts and grazes can lead to pain, infection and even death.

Water Treatment

Purifying water is easy if you have the supplies to do so. If you have the ability to collect and store water in many ways, your family will have a solid post-SHTF “business” plan, especially if you were able to ride out the apocalypse in an urban or suburban area where natural water sources are definitely not in great abundance.

Mechanical Knowledge

Taking things apart, repairing items, and putting them back together is such a precious skill to barter. Watches, generators, farming equipment, stoves, and other important appliances that are helpful for survival will surely need repairing in a post-SHTF situation. The same goes for cars! Some people will bug out in a vehicle and if they have a store of fuel or if they can create their own then cars will likely need to be repaired until they are no longer fit for purpose.

Alcohol Maker

Some preppers love stockpiling alcohol for medicinal use or as a morale booster. Instead of just stockpiling them, learn how to distill your own spirits. Producing your own alcohol will be a good bartering tool as they are not only good disinfectants but also a great leisure activity for those who want to indulge a little. 


People might only be on the road if it is urgent or important during a disaster. However, once things are normal and society is starting to reform, survivors will need to trade posts and children will have to attend school, and people will be engaging in both bartering and social contact with nearby communities. That’s when transportation will be in high demand. 


Helping a fellow survivor repair their gun or reload ammunition could make them come back to haunt you and steal your items, but once society is on the rebound and rebuild, a gunsmith, especially one that can also make or repair bows, could be a great occupation.

Construction and Carpentry 

Skilled craftsmen and women will also be in high demand during the societal rebuilding phase. Structures, furniture, and roadways will need to be both repaired and entirely rebuilt after a doomsday disaster.


The ability to fabricate tools, knives, and parts for machinery, as well as working with horseshoes will once again become a lucrative career choice. Make sure you know how to make these items!


If a catastrophic event occurs and the world has to restart, it will take a lot of time for society to reform! Teaching children basic life skills like reading and writing will be important. You could potentially set up a school where you teach a group of children on a regular basis in return for food, shelter, water or other valuable assets.

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