Smart Survival Investments

Investment in general is usually the act of setting valuable assets aside to produce a serious gain at a later time. When it comes to assets and gains in the material world of a SHTF scenario, the devil is in the details and the little things count. Simply put, items that you take for granted now can become lifesavers in the long run. Making certain that you invest in a few of these things now, can create all the difference when facing a natural disaster, worst-case scenario or TEOTWAWKI. Here are a few solid investments you can make that will put you ahead of the game in a survival situation.

Paracord Spool

Whether you are tying knots, making a bow drill, making a bow, securing a tarp, hanging a hammock or tasked with any other project that requires cordage, paracord (otherwise referred to as 550 Cord) is absolutely essential. This makes it a priceless investment for you to make now. While a great deal of survival bracelets and belts exist out there, in terms of investing for the long term, a spool will serve you better. You can cut and coil your preferred lengths, as well as have more than enough for multiple projects.


It is common knowledge that a headlamp is capable of providing more options for its user than a standard handheld flashlight can. Know what’s better than one headlamp? Five headlamps, at least. Be it battery malfunction, brutal weather conditions, or extra people in your party during a power outage, having more than a couple headlamps laying around is a smart survival investment. Place them in different locations as well, in your vehicle, shed or guest quarters.

Shotgun Shells

While it goes without saying that ammunition is an excellent investment when it comes to survival, most folks tend to immediately take that to a tactical level. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that inclination, however .223 and .9mm isn’t anywhere as cheap as shotgun shells are. When thinking about things like the acquisition of small game, or even basic fire-starting techniques, you can’t beat a good old-fashioned shotgun shell. A box of twenty-five can go for as cheap as 6 bucks.

Allan Key Set

You may already be the kind of person who has a solid tool set on hand. If you are reading this post, it is likely you are the kind of person who may have more than one. Heavy tools such as hammers, saws and wrenches are great investments for the self-reliant. But as any tradesman will tell you, small adjustment tools are often critical, and overlooked. Invest in a beefy Allan key set. By beefy, we mean a set that has every size and length of Allan key you could possibly need. You won’t regret it.

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