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Solar Panels – Is It Worth It?

The search for renewable sources of energy has driven our period because of the risks to the environment if we cannot manage well our carbon footprint on Earth. One of those renewable sources of energy is solar panels. Solar panels generate their electrical power from the sun. Your solar panels will convert the sun rays into your dependable electric source at home.

How can solar panels help you?

Cost-efficient versus electricity provided by utility companies

If you’re high users of electricity then the idea of getting savings by using solar panels is an awesome idea. If you got a large house with extensions that use significant power shifting to solar panels will help you reduce your monthly electricity costs. It will save you a lot of money. Our tip is that before you shift to solar panels review first your monthly bills and your power requirements.

Government incentives and tax credits

Yes, you read it right the government is very supportive if you’ll use solar panels instead of electricity. The federal government is offering solar panel shifters with a whopping 30% solar tax credit. Not just that you can also check your state and municipalities for incentives or rebate systems once you take solar panels in your home. The savings you will incur will help you compensate for the investment of solar panels.

Folks, having solar panels installed in your home will also need some shelling out of your savings at least for the initial purchase of it. You can check affordable but quality solar panels in the market but we highly advised you settle for solar panels that are quality even if it will cost you some fortune.


This is because these solar panels will give you better performance and the manufacturer if not the distributors will give you technical help once you encounter some problems later on. The spare parts are easily bought to your nearest solar shop, so fewer hassles on your part. Some of these brands are tried and tested as well as years already in the market which speaks of the highest quality.

Solar panels financing schemes

If you cannot buy on straight cash your solar panels don’t worry because there are a lot of solar financing schemes available in the market today. Depending on your location and chosen provider they can range from lease agreements or in an installment payment. Β Check what suits your situation best and act on it. Just a reminder for you that each agreement has its trade-offs say for example, under lease agreement you can only save up to 10% of your previous electricity bill.

Lower maintenance cost

Solar panels have low maintenance cost during operations and manufacturers also give you access to a monitoring app for you to see on your solar production on a daily basis.

Helps you lessen your carbon footprint

Using solar panels will help you lessen carbon use and helps the environment recuperate from its current state. It’s a great feeling that your way of shifting from solar panels contribute to this global advocacy for the environment.

Cons of solar panels you should know

After learning about the benefits of having your solar panels installed at your home we will give some of its disadvantages so that you can decide on getting on it later on.

Location and weather system is a factor

If you aim for 100% solar energy productions in your home consider looking at your location and your weather. Β When the sun is out your solar panel cannot produce energy for you. It is also the same when your home location is not exposed well to sunlight due to large trees surrounding it. You can solve this by still keeping your utility company account for emergency purposes or when your solar energy production cannot sustain your requirement at the moment.

Training on troubleshooting

If you’re too far from your distributor or technicians of your solar panel you need to be trained on troubleshooting it once it will encounter a problem. You need to know the basic mechanisms of your solar panels and be familiar with it.

Our takeaway

Here you go we already shared with you some insights regarding the solar panel system. The challenge now is for you to use this information on your situation and evaluate your need for solar panels.

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  • Interesting question….
    For us the answer is 100% yes, but, we are 100% off grid power wise. So we have our own batteries and generator backup for nights and really cloudy weeks especially in winter. It means a change in how you look at everything. We run on a 12 volt system for example, propane heat weit a small 12v blower motor, lots of fans and evaporative cooling in summer. On really hot days we use low current low amperage ac units. If you do your research, it can successfully be done and you can make a huge impact on the environment and in the end, those investments pay for themselves

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