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As naturally social animals, designed to operate in packs, humans have a need for social interaction. Even the most self-reliant of people has an internal drive for human connection. This can become a glaring weakness for the solo survivor. Someone who has found himself in a worst-case scenario alone, must not only battle the adversity at hand but the adversity of the mind as well. Here are three solid tips for the solo survivor.

Stay Busy

Downtime equals disaster when it comes to a solo survivor. The longer your mind has to think about how overwhelming your situation is, the more it will play tricks on you. Staying busy, as in constantly working toward bettering your situation is absolutely key. The strongest solo survivors remain vigilant, knowing that unoccupied time is a liablitly to personal morale.

Point Positive

Once you start going down the rabbit hole of how bad a situation is or can get, it is increasingly difficult to dig yourself out. Maintaining a positive mental attitude at all costs is vital to the mental state of a solo survivor. When you are solo in a SHTF-scenario, you have to be your own cheerleader, life coach and shrink. Make an effort to doggedly search for the silver lining in all dark clouds that have come your way.

One Step at a Time

It is easy for solo survivors to become overwhelmed by the tasks at hand that must be completed in order for them to survive. Fire, shelter, walking long distances, extreme temperature and self-defense are just a few of the factors that tend to cause the mind of a solo survivor to break. Focus on completing a single task at a time. If your task involves multiple parts, take it piece by piece, do not think of it as a whole until it is completed.

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