Spring Turkey Hunting Must-Haves

The phase of spring is not done yet. That means more turkeys to hunt during the season. It is your opportunity to showcase the best gear, and provide yourself with the best catch. Let’s continue on with a checklist of spring turkey must-haves.

Gun and ammunition

The market offers several choices when it comes to guns and ammunition to use for turkey hunting. Some of the best brands include Benelli, Remington, and Winchester, all of which have the most suitable features for what you need. We have introduced some of these here through our tactical gun features, so make sure you visit these pages. Among the factors to look for when it comes to these guns include performance, prices, and durability.

Make an excellent choice also for the ammunition. Choosing the right one versus buying a second-best can make or break your catch. There is ammunition that is perfect for long range skills and application with pellets and technology for these demands. Also, look for those that ensure things are accurate.


Primitive Survivors has not gone much further on these turkey hunting gear, and we’re bringing you another must-have right now. It’s the choke. Experts say that this is a must-have for turkey hunters wherever you go, because of their benefits. The best ones are designed to maximize the effective range and can also make the impact at closer ranges. If you are a beginner, you can use a standard full choke which can offer a wider pattern and more tolerance for error.

Turkey decoys

Consider having a turkey decoy as well. For turkey hunters, a standard decoy may contain a feeding hen, an upright hen, and half strut jake. These can ensure that the attention of the turkeys are with you when they are approaching. Decoys are also helpful when spring turkey hunting with children or used with bow and arrow. You can find many of these from shops nearby you.


Behold, the binoculars. The market has tons of these gear offered around, and not all of this equipment are designed for the spring turkey hunting outdoors. One of the greatest features to look for is the optics. These can make a huge impact of spotting the birds, seeing the detail about their sizes, and more features. These binoculars are used alongside decoys, bow and arrow, and shotguns.


The clothing of the hunter also tells a lot about the possibility of making a successful hunt. First, you’ve got to have a good vest. The best ones should have enough number of pockets, quiet closure systems, thick seat, and back pad. Remember, you are getting here the tips necessary and specific for turkey hunting, so go and look for these ones. Then, you also have to wear a good pair of rubber boats that is comfortable to wear and easy to maintain. You must also prepare a pair of gloves. Similar to protecting your grip while in the gym, hunters need these gloves to keep aims strong and also, to help camouflage them.

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