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Starting a Mini Survival Stockpile in Your Office

No matter how prepared you are at home with all your stockpiled items, an SHTF situation may occur when you’re at work, especially to those who spend more time in the office. What would you do if the proverbial brown stuff hits the fan, and you are stuck at work? This is why you should start learning survival skills and stockpiling in the workplace. Here’s how you can start a mini survival stockpile in the office.

Where to Store Your Supplies

Items for only yourself should be stored in your desk drawer in a box, bin, or backpack. Meanwhile, items that can be shared, such as first-aid supplies, should be in the same room that you and your coworkers are in. Make sure it is in a safe yet accessible area all the time!

What to Stockpile

Depending on your line of work, the items you need to stockpile may vary. However, don’t miss these basic supplies in your workplace stockpile!


The office is not a place to store your machete, so a good multi-tool is important. It should have a sharp knife, pliers, screwdriver, and other tools that will help during a survival situation.Β 

Shoes and Clothes

If your office clothes are not comfortable during a disaster, then make sure you have an extra change of clothes to prepare for an office bug out. You also need a good pair of shoes that won’t give you blisters as you run from the threat.


No one should be without an emergency whistle. This self-defense tool can save your life in case an attacker threatens you or if you get stuck under debris. Clip these on the outside of your bag or get a wearable kind of whistle.

Water Bottle and Filter

If you encounter a flood while at work and stranded, water sources can become tainted and leave you searching for clean safe water to consume. Stockpile on a few bottled water and get a personal filtration system in case you run out.Β 


Because you simply do not know what kind of event might happen, if you will be without electricity or stuck in a building unable to make a fire, I recommend packing MREs, or meals ready to eat. Granola bars or nuts will also keep you satiated!

Hygiene and Medical Supplies

If you take regular medications, have a 72-hour supply of what you might need. You also need a first-aid kit with the essentials in case an injury occurs.Β 

What to Do About Workplace Threats

The first thing to consider is mitigation. Understand the risks you might face so you know how to act upon them. Establish trust and a strong bond among your colleagues, with reinforcement strategies to improve the safekeeping of everyone.

Then, discuss and practice what you should do for every situation, be it a fire, an earthquake, an active killer, or even the apocalypse. Teach everyone to stockpile and do drills together. If a workmate tells the management that there aren’t any first aid supplies in the office, it raises awareness about the risks this issue may cause and it also helps people unite against a common goal, their safety.Β Β 

Threats in the workplace can be natural or man-made. It can also be as minor as a storm, or as severe as an EMP. Each and every threat that is relevant to your area should have a preparedness plan and certain workplaces do have specific protocols for evacuation in case of a natural disaster.Β 

Man-made threats are unpredictable so understand external and internal threats, and plan what you should do when these types of situation occur.Β 

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