Summertime Deer Hunting Preparation Guide

How was your spring turkey hunting escapade? Unfortunately, we have to close this season for a while to give away for another hunting trip. Don’t forget to journal your turkey hunting though!

The off-season for deer is about to come to a close, not too soon, but preps start today, and with minimal break time in between, hunters are about to enter the summer season. As exciting as the previous one, the focus this time will be on deer hunting preparation.

Choosing to prepare for the upcoming deer hunting season in the summer is the best option to take. First, the deer are usually in bed during these hot months and they are mostly bloated on food. For the hunter, getting things ready several months ahead will give you the advantage.

Reviewing the sites

Spend the summer to create various mineral sites according to the sizes of your area. However, consult the legal measures in your state to add extra precaution. You may have started on adding licks mid-April and use up the month of July to continue on.

Maintaining the tree stands

You may also use up the season to practice maintenance for the tree stands. There might be leaves and limbs that may prove obstructive once the actual deer season emerges, so climb the stand to check and clear your shooting lanes, ratchet straps, and bow hanger hooks. Control the amount of camouflage to maintain a good aim.

Troubleshooting the trail cameras

Using this equipment? Do not forget to check it a few months before the hunting season begins, to give way for more priority tasks in preparation. One common mistake the most hunters commit is to forget about preparing the equipment. The purpose of this process is to make sure they are away from any wearing and tearing, giving you ample time to source out the rest of the equipment before the actual months begin.

Preparing the food plots

This step is just as important as the rest of the preparation steps. The summer is the season when to make this happen. For hunters who only plant fall and winter plots, be sure to mow and spray the food plots from the previous year so you can turn them under as the fall season arrives. Log and take notes of what you are doing to keep track of the differences, and orient yourself of improvements.

Consultation with farmers and landowners

As early as summer, farmers who are knowledgeable about hunting areas can already be consulted on the deer activities. Start consulting with them to know where the big bucks are feeding, negotiate about hunting their land, and coordinating other matters before the season arrives. Remember, it is best to set things at an early phase rather than procrastinating a few weeks or days prior.

Setting up the bow or gun

Another mistake the deer hunters may make is to set the bow and the gun in order a few days before the hunt. While a few days is enough window for preparation and setting up phases still happen at this time, the last thing you want to happen is to fail.

Summer days are ideal for setting up the weapons in proper order so you still can use up more time to practice on them, and spot issues with the gear. This also provides ample timeline to find the right load or arrow and broadhead matches.

Among other tips include clearing travel paths, getting physically ready, and researching information. Let Primitive Survivors be your guide through the summer hunting season. Give us a call right now.

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