Survival 101: Must-Know Terms

primitive survivors must know terms

Both newbies and veteran preppers can still be confused with the multitude of prepper acronyms and terms used in the community. Don’t feel out of place when you come across a term you haven’t heard of because the world of survivalism and prepping is one huge subculture.Β 

For your easy reference, here is a comprehensive list of the most commonly used terms, abbreviations, and acronyms used in the survivalist and prepper community.

  • 72-Hour Bag – Another term for a bugout bag
  • Alpha Strategy – Storing more than enough supplies for bartering or personal use in a disaster
  • Big Berkey – A water filtration system for the family that can remove harmful bacteria and toxins from water.
  • BOB – Bug Out Bag. This bag usually contains three days’ worth of food and supplies for survival when SHTF. Your BOB will have enough food, water, shelter, and medical supplies to get you to a safer location.
  • Bug In – to stay where you are. Presumably, you’re bugging in because it’s safer to stay than it is to go. Only you can decide if you should bug in or bug out.
  • Bug Out – Leave the current location and get to safer ground. Don’t bug out unless you have a safe location to go.
  • Cache –Β  A hoard of food stores or a collection of ammunition. Usually, the term implies burying or hiding in some other manner because it is a secret stash.
  • Doomer – A hardcore prepper who believes that disaster is coming
  • EDC –Β  Everyday Carry. Any item that you have with you so you are not left unprepared. Generally, this includes your pocket knife, compass, multi-tool, flashlight, or weapon.
  • EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse. A weapon that when detonated in the atmosphere would knock out all electronics within a certain radius
  • EOD – End of Days
  • EOTW – End of the World
  • Faraday Cage – A metallic enclosure that protects your electronics from an EMP.
  • Hard money – a currency that is either redeemable in metals like gold, silver, etc., or issued through metals.Β 
  • Off-Grid – Going off-grid means they have chosen a life without the traditional power and water supplied by the community These are hardcore preppers who have everything they need to survive and no need to depend on the government’s threats.
  • Pollyanna – In the prepping world, Pollyannas are people who don’t believe that disasters will strike and they don’t think people should waste time getting prepared.
  • Prepper – Someone who prepared for disasters and SHTF situations. Also known as survivalists, they stereotypically do this by stockpiling food, water, and emergency supplies.
  • Rendezvous Point – A pre-determined location where you meet up with your survival group before evacuating to your designated bug-out location.Β 
  • Rule of 3 – You can go 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.
  • Sheeple – Sheeples are people who follow their government or the media with no questions asked. They may believe that bad things can happen, but they don’t prep because they think the government will save them.
  • SHTF – Shit Hits the Fan. When SHTF, it means you’re in the middle of a disaster or about to be. This is the time to either get out and head toward your safe location or stay where you are and ride it out.Β 
  • WROL – Without Rule of Law. A time when police, the military, and the government have lost control
  • YOYO – You’re on your own. Whatever the situation, if YOYO, you better have a backup plan.
  • Zombie – these are the unprepared people who survived the disaster but are now after your stash. Watch out for these aggressive and devious parasites.

Got more survival terms? Comment them below!

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