Survival Food: How to Eat Dandelions

Dandelions are not useless weeds. In fact, you can eat everything, from the root to the flower.Β  Here are some tips on how to eat dandelions anytime you want, including when there is the need to live off whatever you can manage to find during a crisis.

Make a Salad

Strip the greens from the dandelion stems and use them as the basis for a salad.Β  Don’t waste the other parts.Β  Since the roots are also edible, clean and strip them too.Β  Chop them into smaller pieces and use them as additional roughage.Β  The flowers can be left whole or cut into two or three pieces each.Β  Douse with some oil and vinegar, add a dash of salt and pepper, and you’ve got the basis for a nutritious salad.

Make A Dandelion Stir Fry

how to eat dandelionsYou’ve already got a frying pan and a decent camp fire.Β  After you finish frying your fish or whatever else is served as the entrΓ©e, chop and stir-fry the dandelions.Β  Clean them first, then coarsely chop the whole dandelions, add some green onion, and cook everything in the oil left from the entrΓ©e.Β  Use the cooked dandelions as a topping for the entrΓ©e or mix them in with a little rice.

Add to Soup

No list of how to eat dandelions would be complete without mentioning soup.Β  Just about any of your leftovers can go into the pot, along with the freshly picked dandelions.Β  Strip the greens away from the stem and make sure to chop the roots into sections.Β  The flowers can be left as is, so they add some color to the soup.Β  Add in everything from leftover potatoes to canned vegetables to give the soup more flavor and color.

Brew Some Dandelion Tea

If you want something hot and nutritious to drink, make a tea using the dandelion roots.Β  Boil water and drop some of the flowers and the roots in for five to ten minutes.Β  That’s long enough for the flavor to steep into the water.Β  Drink straight or add in some honey or other sweetener if you like.

how to eat dandelions

Dandelion tea is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Dandelions contain more nutrients than most people think.Β  As long as you clean them thoroughly, they go a long way toward ensuring you have the vitamins and minerals you need to get through the day.


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