Survival Gear You Can Make At Home

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Stuck in quarantine? Start a DIY project on different pieces of survival gear you can make at home with very simple materials needed! While these things are readily available in stores, we know that a true blue prepper should know how to make their own survival items.

Aside from being cheaper, homemade survival gear is usually more effective and enhances your skill in resourcefulness and creativity! This offers an introduction to 5 easy DIY projects you can do in your spare time.

Water Filter

If you don’t have a water filter yet, there are tons of ready-made products available for purchase. But if you want to make your own just to be assured that you’re really drinking safe and clean water, then why not make your own?

Just gather some rocks, sand, charcoal, grass, and a juice bottle or any container. Then, put holes at the cap of the bottle to give it air. After that, gather the large rocks and medium rocks, such as lime, to put in the bottle. Then, add the small stones to block the dirty particles from passing.

Next, a layer of sand is important as a finer filter for your survival water. Add coals and another layer of sand. Then, add fresh grass or a cloth. Let your water pass through this filter and enjoy your clean and safe drink!

Hoop Snare Trap

While at home, you can start making traps before going out to hunt for food. Watch this awesome video to see how you can create and use a basic hoop snare trap. Some of these things can be found at your home or your yards, such as twigs and ropes. These traps can also be built with 5 to 6 different size sticks and small saplings to fit the size animal you intend to catch. The most important parts of the trap are the bait, lashing cord, and the noose cord.

Fire Starter

One important activity when going out to the woods is knowing how to start a fire. You need some easy way to quickly turn tinder into a healthy burning fire, and here’s how!

With cotton balls and petroleum jelly, simply heat the jelly in a pot on a low heat then move it away. Add the cotton balls and use a spoon or fork to soak the balls in the jelly, making sure that they will be kept safe and away from moisture and water.

It’s as easy as that! Remember to keep them in a water-resistant metal container like an Altoids case. Then, as you start the fire at night, just place a cotton ball on aluminum foil and ignite it.

As an alternative, you may also use Vaseline instead with the same method. Vaseline soaks very quickly in the cotton ball when melted. And when it cools down, it makes the cotton ball hard and a little heavy.

Bow and Arrow

Depending on your activity, you might be needing a bow and arrow in the woods for survival! Check out this video on how to make a DIY bow and arrow at home with very simple tools!

Waterproof Matches

There are many ways to make waterproof matches. The easiest is the nail polish method. Any polish is great, except those glittery ones. Start by laying down a piece of paper at the edge of a table and dip your matches into the nail polish one at a time. Let the excess polish drip off before you lay them down to dry. When laying them, make sure that the painted edges are balanced out of the table so they can dry evenly. Store them in a small, rigid container like an old film canister.

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