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While preppers and survivalists are always quick to stock up on things like weapons, water or non-perishable food supplies, one thing that tends to go overlooked (and shouldn’t) is stocking up on seeds. This is particularly vital to your survival plan if you happen to live on property where you can grow plants. When the grocery stores close their doors, those folks who are capable of growing their own food will be just fine, and it all starts with seeds. We’ve taken the liberty of lining out four survival seeds that should be noted and acquired. Here’s what made our list.


A calorie-rich crop that is high in protein, potatoes are an excellent seed to keep stocked up. Technically, potatoes are the world’s most popular vegetable. This is not a huge surprise, given how easily potatoes can be worked in to any meal. An 8-ounce serving of potato holds 100 calories.


Corn is a warm weather crop, it his highly rich in proteins and also in calcium. There are many varieties of corn in the world, which type of corn seed you choose to stockpile depends on location. Sweet corn seeds in particular produc approximately 1-2 ears per stock. It is also easily stored for periods of up to 3 years.

Winter Squash

A cheap, heavy producer, winter squash makes the list of survival seeds for its sheer resilience. Winter squash are easy to store, and if dried (provided you use a water tight container) can keep indefinitely. Keeping some winter squash seeds on hand is an incredibly strong choice for those looking to stock up their seed bank.


These seeds come to us by way of India. They are a super survival seed, as the Moringa seed itself is capable of purifying unpotable water. They also have added health benefits, that range from supporting healthy vision (due to high beta carotene and Vitamin) to detoxing and the promotion of healthy bowel movements.

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