Survival Tips You Can Learn from Movies

Popular culture gives us some of the best movies which will really make us question if we can survive in extreme conditions. They make us think of the worst-case scenario and the possibilities that we may encounter during hikes, travels, and camping.

To get you more prepared, here are some movies which will give you the best survival tips!

Cast Away

The story of the character Chuck Noland, a FedEx executive, tells us a lot about surviving a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean and being washed up on a small, uninhabited island. Without that inflatable raft that the crew placed on his lap, he would have died like everyone else! As the plane was sinking into the ocean, he inflates the boat and it lifts him up to the surface.

Chuck was also able to improvise tools from the materials that wash up on the shore. An ice-skate blade was used as an ax, a mirror becomes a dental tool, and a ball became his friend!

Cast Away was probably the most commercially successful among the survival movies, starring Tom Hanks, a Golden Globe in the best actor category, and Wilson the volleyball which got the Critic’s choice award for a best inanimate object!

Watching Cast Away will help you learn how to crack open a coconut with a rock and start a fire by briskly rubbing a couple of woods. You’ll also learn how hard it is to spearfish!

The Way Back

The movie is based on a memoir by a Polish prisoner of war who escaped from a Russian gulag in Siberia and walked 4000 miles to India to be free with other people. One of the escapees who was a dangerous Russian criminal was allowed to join the plan because of his knife. One was able to build a sundial compass and the other was a good cook who was skilled in catching and scavenging.

The Way Back is still an incredible story about the power of cooperation in desperate circumstances. In a survival situation, the most important resource is usually other people. Another important lesson from this is being prepared with proper knowledge and appropriate tools to survive.

The Martian

The stranded astronaut, Mark Watney, tried to survive the oxygen-less, waterless, and foodless Mars. While on the most hostile wilderness, he still had many supplies from previous missions, including a habitat, a vehicle, and camera equipment. The most troubling shortage is food. Mark has to use his knowledge about plants to grow a crop of potatoes to help stretch out his rations until he can be rescued.

Like Chuck, he has to be alone and alive for more than a year. He talked to is camera about the things that are happening and he was also able to set up communications with scientists through available materials.

The Martian was probably more on the fantasy side but if you find yourself in a situation where you need to produce water from leftover rocket fuel, then you should. Be resourceful in the way you approach survival in desperate situations. Making a stock of the materials and tools you have, staying calm and trying to come up with workable solutions will get you a lot farther than unnecessary risk-taking

127 Hours

When talking about outdoor survival movies, this one is the truest one! It’s a movie about real-life mountain climber Aron Ralston who slides into a canyon crevasse while climbing in Utah.Β  His arm is pinned under a boulder and he has very little food and water. After being trapped for 127 hours, he literally cuts himself loose from danger but amputating his arm and lives to tell about it.

The movie teaches us to always prepare with proper gear for the situation. If you think you’ll need waterproof matches as there might be power outrage, then bring one! Have a sharp knife, firearm, and some batteries with you!

Aron Ralston, the dude whose story the film is based on, has some hardcore survival instincts. Hands down to him!

Into the Wild

Into the Wild is a film based on the non-fiction book by Jon Krakauer, and it attempts to show the last two years of Christopher McCandless’s life before he was found dead in the Alaskan wilderness. It shows the star hitchhiking around the area, meeting people, and working strange jobs to support himself.

What makes this movie unique is that Christopher chooses to cut himself off from society and live alone in the wilderness. Unlike previous protagonists, he didn’t feel strongly connected to others. He was estranged from his family and made a habit of disappearing in the middle of the night when people he met became too attached to him.

Even if the protagonist didn’t survive, there are still a lot of lessons from it. For instance, make sure to read the whole book if you’re going to use one to identify edible plants. You also need the skills and experience to use them properly.

Touching the Void

The character, Joe Simpson, from Touching the Void can be deemed adventurous and brave. He was constantly faced with danger and lethal situations, like the north ridge, but still, endeavors to conquer them and he does in a very calm and sensible manner.

With Simon Yate, he was near-fatal attempt to scale Siula Grande in the Peruvian Andes in 1985. The movie also teaches us that no amount of survival first aid knowledge or survival courses can really help you when it truly all goes wrong. From this scene, we can understand how harsh and unforgiving nature is.

Aside from the survival techniques, the movie teaches us the importance of perseverance over adversity. Joe portrays how he was able to triumph over barriers that hindered him from attaining his goals.

Watch These Films Now!

Sometimes, all you need t stay alive in the unpredictable wilderness is knowledge of these movies. Survival movies, whether based on true stories or not, let you witness people battling against the unknown environment, relying on instincts they never knew they had in order to hang on for that crucial hour longer.


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