Survivalist Uses for a Safety Pin

One of the most underrated tools that a prepper can have is the basic safety pin. While that may sound like an overstatement, it’s not. Originally developed to fasten cloth diapers, the safety pin has a wide variety of uses for preppers in a SHTF scenario. Not only are these tools effective in a multitude of ways but they are also cheap and (for now) easy to find. Most homes, offices, school, or even vehicles have one or more safety pins laying around. A thrifty prepper could easily stock up on a small boatload of safety pins and be all the better for it. Here are four ways this simple everyday item can save your bacon in a worst-case scenario.

Splinter Removal

Anyone who has spent time outdoors chopping wood, building trail or traversing rough country has had their fair share of splinters. You don’t even have to be outdoors to get one, there are plenty of projects and builds that a prepper can find themselves on that result in catching a sharp piece of wood in the hand or finger. If you don’t have tweezers around, a safety pin is your next best bet.

Secure a Bandage

It goes without saying that a SHTF scenario is going to come with some bumps and bruises. Hopefully it’s nothing too major. But, if you’re in a pinch and need to tie a bandage off without any cordage whatsoever laying around, a safety pin is an easy fix.

Fishing Hook

Most survivors know that fishing is arguably the most productive way to accumulate a sustainable food source in the wild. While we’d all love to think that taking to the woods and hunting will feed us in a SHTF scenario, it is actually fishing that will put food on the table (if there is a table around). A safety pin makes a simple fishing hook, and several safety pins can be used to create a makeshift trotline.

Holding Things Together

Clothing rips and tears, but when belts rip and tear it can be hard to keep clothing on. If you’re looking to stay warm or on the move, you’re going to need to keep your britches up. Safety pins are great as makeshift belt-fixers, they can also be used in situations where zippers are broken. Be it on clothing or on your bug-out-bag, a safety pin can help hold things together until you can find a more permanent solution.

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