Survivalist Uses for Coffee Filters

Any prepper knows that survival is about improvising, adapting and overcoming hardships by any means necessary. You’ve got to be able to make the most out of whatever you have. That means finding multiple uses for everyday items that would otherwise go overlooked or underutilized. This is precisely where the coffee filter goes from being an expendable piece of kitchenware to an item that should be stockpiled and noted as useful. It’s the little things that one fails to notice that can make a huge difference in getting by when you’re confronted with a worst-case scenario. In some cases, you needn’t look any further than your own coffee maker. Don’t believe us? Here’s how:

Fire Tinder

It’s no secret that having dry fire tinder is the key to being able to start a fire in the first place. Whether you are making fire with a bow drill or scraping a ferro rod, you’re going to need a tinder bundle. A single coffee filter can provide the impetus for several fires. Lightweight, cheap to buy and easy to carry, having coffee filters around for this purpose is a great idea.

Prefiltering Water

While it is always best to boil your water in order to remove the threat of parasites and bacteria, things like sediment, insects, and plant matter can be filtered through coffee filters and make drinking sandy creek water a great deal more palatable. They can also be reused in this fashion.

Rust Protection for Cast Iron

Cast iron skillets and pots can be lifesavers in a SHTF scenario. That is, until they get rusty. Then they become somewhat of a hassle and if left to further decay, a health hazard. After cleaning your cast iron, laying coffee filters on the inside greatly helps absorb any moisture that would otherwise hinder your pot or pan.

Improvised Tea Bag

In a world without medicine and functional stores, teas and herbal remedies will need to be infused. A coffee filter is perfect for this, as it permits you to soak whatever you pull from the wild into your mug of choice. Coffee filters can also be reused (briefly) in this manner as well.

Garden Sprouts

While folks like to think of hunting for their food in a survival situation, real preppers know that you have to eat your veggies. And growing your own food expends less energy than chasing it down. Coffee filters are excellent for sprouting seeds. You can effective do all of your garden starts using coffee filters, as they are porous and easily buried in proper soil.

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