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Surviving A Moose Attack

The moose is also among the deadliest animals existing in the wild. You can take a look at these animals by subscribing to our magazine, Survivor Log. Primitive Survivors has also published other articles on surviving attacks from the outdoors’ deadliest animals.

So, how can you survive an attack from a moose, and what are the signs that it is nearby?

The moose is part of the deer subfamily, but are characterized with broad and open-hand shaped antlers among the male species. They are mostly found in temperate and boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Among the areas where they are found include Canada, Alaska, and Russia.

Signs that you are about to get attacked

The moose looks tame on the outside, and they are. Unless they will be provoked, that is the time you have to protect yourself from a possible attack. There are tell-tale signs that they will be aggressive toward you.

One of these is if you notice the moose halts eating, and stares at you. It may also raise the hair on its neck, hump, and hips, and lay back their ears. The moment they click their teeth or lick their lips, they could be targeting. If it urinates, it can be two ways. They can do this normally, or are preparing for an attack.

The lowering of the head, the showing of the whites of its eyes, and whipping the head like a horse are also signs they will come at you to attack.

How to survive an attack

The size of the moose is considerably large, and you might be knocked off once attacked by this animal. Here are the steps to survive the attack, summarized for you.

  • Space in between you and the moose will be your greatest weapon to survive. Keep yourself at a distance of 50 feet and more away from the animal. If you need to, back away as calm as possible.
  • Stay alert for nearby calves. Never interfere between the moose and her calf.
  • Refer to the signs of aggression, and once you see this, though most cannot totally determine a possible attack, be cautious and practice safety.
  • You can run away as fast as possible from the moose, according to experts. Once at a distant, it can stay away from where you are unlike other animals.
  • Seek retreat from a tree, rock, or building.
  • Once attacked and you are cornered, duck to the ground and curl over to protect your head and vital organs. Don’t forget to keep retreating.
  • Find an emergency hotline for a medical professional for treatment of injuries you or your companions have incurred.
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