Surviving At Sea: What To Do When You’re Stuck At Sea

If you’re an enthusiastic and passionate sailor or fishing geek and the avid sea traveler then this post is for you. This post will discuss the things you need to do in order to survive when you’re stuck at sea. The fairytale of finding a piece of an unexplored island in the middle of the sea has fascinated our imagination since childhood the story of Gulliver’s travels has filled our young minds. However, this is not the case with real-life sea survival situations. We are not to hope for that mysterious island of our own Lilliput, we need to work our way to survive at sea.

Survival Tips at Sea

While you’re waiting for your rescue boat you need to keep afloat and alive in the sea in any situation you find yourself. These are important survival tips at sea that you need to learn.

Rainfall for your drinking water

It may be ironic that you’re in the sea which is a body of water a huge one but you can’t drink the water. Well, its nature and we cannot undo it, the high salinity or salt content of the sea makes it an unlikely source of our drinking water. Check whatever you can use as your container to catch rainfall for your drinking water.

Keep the glass

Yes, you need anything that has glass on it like your lenses, containers, and wares. During daytime use it as a sign to other mariners to pinpoint your location. It can signal rescuers that you need help.

Catch your fish in the open sea

You need food to survive for days so catch fish in the sea. Learn the techniques of catching fish in open water. Use a hand-line with a hook and flashy things in order to be your lure for the fish. In a few meters below the surface jig the lures up and down. Be careful not to touch your life raft with the hook it can get you into more trouble.

Avoid sharks

Yes, you read it and saw it in the movies when sharks circle people stuck in the ocean preparing to eat them for lunch or dinner. It’s eerie but it can happen while you’re at sea. Just a quick fact, sharks don’t normally bite or eat people especially those in groups because they are afraid of groups or packs.Β  So stay close to your group and don’t wander all by yourself because you’re risking yourself. Avoid coral reefs which are known as the place where sharks search for their meals or prey. If sharks will attack you prepare to throw out all the things you got in order to destruct it so that you can swim away. If you can muster the courage to punch its sensitive nose or lacerate using your jungle knife its gills and eyes.

Patch leaks

Once you noticed a small leak in your raft or boats fix them at once. This is important because small leak becomes bigger which can eventually be the reason your raft or boat will submerge. It’s very dangerous if you’re left swimming in the sea only with your life vest because of this mistake.

Swim the fast way

You will not spend your time at sea if you did not train to swim even the basic strokes right? If you don’t know how to swim learn now before traveling at sea. During emergencies or exposures to elements and sea creatures, you need to swim faster as you can to a safe place.

Sea survival is not only will but perseverance

You got the will to survive this is just fine but you need more-perseverance in the face of ordeals and dangers while you’re stuck at sea.

Check us for more survival tips at sea.

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