Surviving the Apocalypse: How Good Are Your Skills

Whether you’re a deeply religious person or a secular geek you believe in one thing-apocalypse! Do you have the skills to deal if the apocalypse happens now? But before anything else, let’s talk about the apocalypse in a nutshell.Β 

You may have heard your emotional pastor preaching about the apocalypse when God will strike humanity with blows, sending his angels on Earth and preparing us for judgment day. He may quote references on the Bible particularly, the Book of Revelations.

You feel the intensity of his message and put you to tears and stress.

Well, if you talk about the apocalypse to a secular geek he will tell you that the apocalypse will happen when the Sun which is the center of our solar system will die. Once the sun dies, the planets including Earth, where we live, will lose its orbit and can bump to other planets. Life will not be sustained on Earth and catastrophe will happen. Volcanoes will erupt, the climate will be unpredicted, hurricanes, earthquakes name it, and they can all happen.Β 

Another possibility for the apocalypse to happen is when nuclear war is initiated by powerful nations. Lastly, when our invention of artificial intelligence will surpass all human intelligence this artificial intelligence will now program for the destruction of humanity on Earth as Elton Musk is warning us all now.

Sounds, eerie right?

Whatever ideas you’ll take on the apocalypse one thing is for sure, it will happen and then when it will happen we don’t know. The best move we can have is to prepare for it.


In this post, we bring you the skills set you needed in order to survive the apocalypse.

Apocalypse survival skills: Rate your skills

Communication skills

You read in the bible regarding what Noah did after the flood. He communicated with birds and flew them away to find land for the survivors. You need to learn to communicate with all kinds of animals and this is a challenging part. Animals communicate by sounds and gestures so take a cue from there expressions.Β  You need to be able to communicate with them and cooperate in order to survive the apocalypse.

Likewise, you’ll find fellow human survivors and it is fine if both of you speak the same language but what if he is from the other part of the globe. Say for example, from the Himalayan Mountain or to Antarctica? Learn to communicate not only by words but in other forms (writing, graphics, and signals) so that your survival rate will be higher.


You’ll be hungry and you need food. Having huntsman skills will be helpful to get your food. Remember that in the apocalypse your favorite shopping malls and groceries are all wiped out. You need to find food now using your own hands. This is really a thing that modern man is not fully prepared for.

Being modern is not an excuse for preparation. As early as now you can enroll in survival courses offered in the military and other groups so that you’ll learn the huntsman skills for survival.

Here, your instincts and senses will play a major role, since, in the apocalypse, all your gadgets are useless.

Organic agriculture

Ever since civilization and humanity developed to advance species, plants have played a great role in providing for our nutrition and health. In the apocalypse, you need to have the agricultural skills to grow your food and be able to sustain your survival. You need to master an understanding of organic agriculture and its practice.

Security and defense

A possible war may be the cause of an upcoming apocalypse, but maintaining security and your defense is still important in your survival. Hostile groups might try to overrun your place anytime.Β  This is especially true f they see you have an established area fit for survival.Β 

So be ready for your defense. You need also to survive in hostile environments. You also need to be knowledgeable in surviving outdoors.Β 

Β First Aid

In the apocalypse, there are no hospitals to go to when you’re not well. You’re left on your own during the apocalypse.Β  So having a paramedic or first aid skills will be extremely useful. Even basic medical skills and first aid kit are better than none.

Observing and recording

In the apocalypse, the topography and features of the Earth may be altered and you need to observe and record everything. You’ll become a scientist that records in a journal. This skill is helpful because it will let you navigate new territories and find the safest place for survival. Your records will also help the future human generation regarding survival techniques and skills to the new environment.

Final takeaway

We don’t want the apocalypse with all its gloomy predictions. We are enjoying our developments in all aspects, be it finances and technology.Β  As much as possible we want to avoid discussing it. But the apocalypse, be it fiction or reality, you need to prepare for it. Your survival skills will determine your chances of surviving in the apocalypse. So start learning survival skills, we’re ready to help you.

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