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Sustainable Packaged Food For Your Bunker

Commonly, outdoor adventurers prepare food when they go out camping, hiking, or fishing with friends and family. Most of the time, they maintain it to be a feast since let’s admit it, outdoor get-togethers are also a chance for relatives to reunite for one day, considering their busy schedules. Finding time to bond together is one aspect nourished during these moments.

However, these food items are different from when you say β€œsustainability.” What are some examples of food items to bring for a longer stay in the outdoors or even underground? You won’t find your fridge anywhere near you, and being resourceful in preserving your fresh ingredients should be a habit. In this post, we’re introducing tips on bringing sustainable packaged food for your bunker.

Canned Meat

The rule of thumb when it comes to finding food for sustainability is to buy those with the farthest expiration date. Canned meat is part of the category. These include meat sources like beef stew, chicken, ham, spam, and turkey. The USDA indicates that low-acid canned food supplies like canned meat will not expire for two to five years. One tip: Remember to rotate the canned meats and consume first those closest to their expiration date. Arrange them by placing the newest items behind the space to ensure that your stock will be kept fresh.

Fruits And Vegetables

Even if you ask military members or those who have studied the way of life during war times, fruits and vegetables should be in your bunker at all times. There are two reasons – it is for your wellness and they are likewise sustainable. Remember these categories though. Some of the best options include canned fruits and vegetables, frozen dried fruits and vegetables, and dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Note that they should also be packaged in the right ways.


We’re going to be particular with honey also because of its power to literally last for a long time. Basically, the rationale behind this is that it contains a type of sugar that is highly resistant to spoil-inducing organisms and bacteria. Experts share that honey is formed in a very low moisture environment, making it very difficult for bacteria and microorganisms to thrive at this phase. At some points, the honey may crystallize and it is a myth that you cannot consume it anymore once this happens. Simply heat the honey to let it return to the original form.

Powdered Milk

Did you know that many survivalists choose to have powdered milk, particularly the non-fat ones, in their bunkers because they can also last longer? You heard it right, powdered milk of this kind has a shelf-life of about 25 years or more, making it a highly sustainable food source. The USDA also says that since powdered milk is a food item that easily finds its stability while in storage, it can certainly last for a long time.


Some of the grains that are perfect items to go within the bunker are black beans, bulk dried beans, kidney beans, Pinto beans, wheat, cornmeal, oatmeal, and flour. However, an important tip to keep in mind. Make sure that these grains are stored in a container that is protected from bugs and moisture. This ensures on-going sustainability throughout your stay.

Energy Bars

Energy bars are known as some of the best supplies that help a survivalist move through hunger whenever needed. It is loaded with key nutrients that are equivalent to a meal and they are also very portable. These include whole grain cereal bars, candy bars, and protein bars. They have various expiration dates so also follow the β€œeat-the-oldest-first” rule when storing and consuming these products.

Easy-to-prepare Meals

Looking for a classic way to live in your bunker? Then, you must have the easy-to-prepare meals with you. They usually come in zipped packages and are distributed by prepared meals providers in the market. You do not need to slice ingredients or bring things to a simmer when you have these easy-to-prepare meals. They go straight from their packages to your plate. Some examples that are available in stores are Chili Mac with Beef, Chicken Teriyaki, Chili with Beef Crumbles, and more. If you want to still have a full meal and if you miss the home-cooked dishes, you should have these in the bunker.

With these essential food items, you can never go wrong when it comes to ensuring sustainability during your adventures. Include these on your checklists. For more information on everything survival, visit the Primitive Survivors website.

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