Sustainable Products for Your Outdoor Adventure

Whether youโ€™re planning for an adventure with your camping buddies or are looking for a gift to give them this Christmas, donโ€™t you think you want to consider an outdoor essential that is not only functional and beautifully designed but also one that is sustainable? Think about it, with eco-friendly outdoor equipment, youโ€™re helping the environment while youโ€™re in the environment!

Weโ€™ve rounded up a collection of the best products which you can buy! Everything youโ€™ll see in this list are ethically marketed manufactured. Some support projects to plant trees around the world, while some promise that their products are made of recycled materials and fabrics. See how your new gear can also do some good!

From outdoor clothing to sleeping bags and tents, here are the best sustainable products for your outdoor adventure!

Columbia Extreme Eco Jacketsย 

Columbia is a champion of the eco-friendly gear movement, especially when it comes to fashion The companyโ€™s line of Extreme Eco Jackets shows their commitment to making more eco-conscious outdoor gear. This line includes a down jacket, an insulated shell, and a rain shell. Everything is only available in white to avoid the excessive use of water that comes with the dying process. They are also perfluorocarbons (PFCs) free, eliminating a chemical that is commonly used to create a waterproof coating, but has also been linked to adverse side effects to the wearerโ€™s health.

Our favorite product, by far, is the OutDry Ex Eco Insulated Shell, which is made of 100% recycled polyester with 700 fill sustainable down, and a waterproof and breathable membrane with no PFCs.ย 

Big Agnes Lost Dog Sleeping Bag

Big Agnes, a Colorado-based company has been making products that use recycled fabrics and sustainable manufacturing processes. Their sleeping bag named the Lost Dog 15 stays true to this eco-friendly mission with its FireLine ECO synthetic insulation which uses 100% recycled polyester with a loft and compressibility that rivals down.ย 

It also boasts a flex pad sleeve that attaches to the pad like a bed sheet to keep you and your bag on your pad all night. It has aย  fitted jacket style hood with internal cinch control along with the โ€œNo-draftโ€ collar, wedge, and zipper baffles to lock out unwanted drafts.

Buff Original Multifunctional Headwear

A Buff is a versatile and useful piece of gear you can own for outdoor adventures. It can serve as a headband, a balaclava, a face mask, neck scarf, and more! This original Buff is made of fabrics from recycled water bottles, which is just as stretchy and comfortable as the Buff weโ€™ve always loved.

Itโ€™s also redesigned with a 4-way seamless, ultra-stretch fabric construction that features UPF 50 protection, and REPREVE performance microfiber fabric. The performance proven and multisport versatile Original Multifunctional Headwear dries quickly, wicks away moisture resists wind and can be worn 12+ different ways.

Oboz Menโ€™s Sawtooth Mid BDRY Hiking Boot

Since its beginning in 2007, the company has been conscious of manufacturing products that are eco-friendly. They make sure to plant a tree for each boot it sells, and now it has achieved planting over 2 million trees. They have some of our favorite hiking boots that are high-quality and comfortable.ย 

The boots are 100% leather and textile with rubber soles and waterproof membranes that keep vapor from entering the footwear and lets sweat escape. The in-sole is designed to put your foot in a neutral position through its EVA sculpted arch, while the sawtooth midsole delivers precise torsional stability and protection. It is firm but lightweight, they allow for streamlined outsoles. Lastly, the outsole features versatility, flexibility, and support.ย 

Earth Ship Molecule 4-Tent

This tent promises to keep you protected and safe from the outdoor elements when camping, but in turn, youโ€™re also protecting something when you purchase this tent, and thatโ€™s the Earth. This eco-conscious outdoor gear lets the company plant more than ten trees when you buy one, but it is also made with almost entirely recycled materials like post-consumer polyester and nylon.

Molecule-4 claims to be durable as it features a two-pole design that is very convenient to set up in any weather at any time. It has a large single door entry and exit, where the single vestibule keeps the door dry and stores gear out of the rain. This tent will be sure to provide endless viewing entertainment for everyone!

Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Daypack

Just like the other brands mentioned, Cotopaxi is one great example of a company that makes high-quality outdoor essentials while also trying to reduce unnecessary waste. It has a wide array of products made just from the scraps of fabric and from the leftover of the production of its other gear.

One great example of Cotopaxiโ€™s product is the Luzon 18L daypack which is made of recycled nylon from the factory itself and has whimsical color patterns that we adore so much. This daypack is lightweight and durable, making it so easy and fun to use. It has a large main compartment with an internal hydration sleeve, top drawstring closure, and ultralight mesh shoulder straps that give you a comfortable way to explore. The front-zippered pocket is made for organizing and accessing your essentials with ease. Lastly, the Luzonโ€™s highly packable design easily stuffs into your luggage or other bigger backpacks for an easy trave throughout the day, whether youโ€™re hiking or running.

Be an Eco-Friendly Adventurer Now!

The best thing about camping, hiking, trekking, and basically backpacking is seeing the beauty of nature, learning its usefulness, and of course, realizing the need to give back. These awesome products will not only be a big help for your outdoor adventure, but will also let you contribute to reducing the Earthโ€™s waste and preserving our limited natural resources.

We handpicked these sustainable items for you or your friends, family, and basically anyone who is an outdoor enthusiast. Theyโ€™re all highly recommended because of their quality, durability, function, and most of all their ability to avoid the destruction of the Earth we walk and live in!

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