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Tactical Gun Feature: Sig Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake & CMMG Banshee

In this edition of our post, Primitive Survivors is going to highlight two trendy tactical guns especially that they are making waves in the market this 2019. These are the Sig Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake and the CMMG Banshee. Let’s begin with the first one.

Sig Sauer MCX Rattler Canebrake

Recently, the MCX family has added the MCX Rattler Canebrake from gun builder Sig Sauer. This has been created for those looking for a more suppressed system and eliminates the need to have additional components in order to achieve your tactical prowess. Among its notable features are:

  • Suppressor Ready SD-MLOK Handguard and Inert Trainer
  • Two-Stage Matchlite Duo Flat Blade Trigger
  • New PCB Folding Brace

The weapon comes as a suppressor-ready platform built with the handguard and trainer equipment that adapt the weight and the size of the SIGSRD762 suppressor, making sure that the muzzle flash is strategically positioned with the hand of the shooter when reaching out for the gear in times of operation wherein the functional suppressor is not established with the system. The training device also makes it comfortable to be used once it is out of the package while NFA documents and processes are completed. It is also convertible.

It saves up on space and additional tools as well, unlike other guns. The Canebrake lets go of the need to purchase a shorter barrel kit and SD handguard for the attainment of the suppressed system. The tactical shooter only needs to unthread the inert trainer device, install the suppressor, and set the gas before being utilized. Sig Sauer, the gun builder, has been providing ammunition for law enforcement agencies and for commercial aspects for several decades already since the late 1800s.

CMMG Banshee

The second tactical gun highlighted is the CMMG Banshee, whose great features have made them listed in reviews that present some of the top guns this year. It is part of the Banshee gun series from gun builder CMMG. Its notable features include:

  • 7075 T-6 Receivers
  • Maximum Concealability
  • Ultimate Portability
  • SBN Finish On Barrels, and more

What makes this special? The CMMG Banshee is perfect for the tactical shooter who likes to keep things light while in training or in actual activities. It has a featherweight variant that joins the ranks of those chambered in 9mm and 45ACP. The design provides absolute firepower needed to maintain its lightweight features and compact platforms. It has been used in range plinking with acquaintances, competitive shooting, to military training.

The gun comes with the shortest barrels in its caliber, a compact stock and receiver extension, RML handguard, premiere Cerakote finish standard, Ambi charging handle, Ambi selector, Ambi Sling plate, Magpul MVG Foregrip, and Magpul Pistol Grip. Gun provider CMMG also has more variants of the Banshee according to your needs. They have pistols and short barrel rifles in different series, particularly Series 100, 200, and 300.

These two tactical guns are some of the best in the market today and have been selected by many tactical shooters. For more tips, tricks, and hacks on tactical keep it locked on the Primitive Survivors website.

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