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Tactical News: Decades-Long Brand To Introduce Its Most Compact Knife

Helle of Norway, a world-renowned knife producer which started in 1932, is about to introduce the smallest knife they have ever made. This month of June, Kletten, the name of the knife, debuted at the 2019 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Colorado, and will be available for consumers this fall, SNEWS reported.Β 

For more than eight decades, the brand has been handcrafting knives using natural materials and the tradition of Scandinavian knife manufacturing. The knife weighs less than three ounces and when long folded, it measures 3.1 inches. Despite this size, the features are all amazing.Β 

Inspired by Norway

Kletten may be a compact knife and small in its size, but inside the 2.1-inch drop point blade, Helle of Norway made it a point to include a triple laminated stainless steep within and features a razor-sharp flat ground edge that is a Scandinavian classic.Β 

β€œGetting outside is often a spontaneous act, a short walk at lunch or a bike commute home, activities that don’t require a fixed blade knife,” Svein-Erik Helle, Helle’s managing director told SNEWS. β€œWe designed the Kletten as a small knife for small trips, a pocket-sized companion for simple, everyday tasks.”

The handle material is curly birchwood with length at 3.14 inches. The total length of the opened tool is at 5.31 inches. It has a folding and lock back style.Β 

The name of the compact knife is derived from a small yet rugged hill near the brand’s factory where locals take on the outdoors. The birchwood handle material is made to match the Norwegian forests.Β 

The company has also previously introduced high-quality knives before, like the Dokka in 2010, the Bleja in 2017. The former is a folding knife, while the latter is a larger-sized knife of the same kind.

Fast-opening knife

Compact knives everywhere. Another fast-opening knife of the category has also been recently introduced by Spyderco. It is named the Dragonfly 2, Gear Junkie reported.Β 

The Dragonfly 2 is a compact knife that has an overall size of 5.59 inches. The blade is measured at 2.28 inches and weighs around 1.3 ounces.Β 

Despite these measurements, it is a highly functional knife because of the blade that allows utilization for a varied range of tasks. Hikers can make use of the knife for EDC or light-duty outdoor purposes.Β 

The knife opens instantly as it is pulled from the pocket, and this is among the features that are not found in any other knife manufacturer. It beats the challenge among small knives that can be a little tricky if opened one-handed.Β 

Among the other features include the VG-10 blade that is crafted on a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, the ambidextrous pocket clip that carries the gear’s tip-up, and the lockback that secures the knife in the open position.Β 

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