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Tactical News: Which State Is The Biggest Spender On Guns?

A recent report has revealed which states are most dependent on guns and ammunition, and which have contributed most in terms of the industry, revenue, and the economy. According to an article published on Daily Mail Online, New Hampshire is the biggest state spender on guns and ammunition.

Social affairs reporter Valerie Bauman says, β€œGun sales have declined in America since Donald Trump took office, though the industry contributed more than $52 billion to the U.S. economy in 2018.”

Personal finance website WalletHub published the outcome of the study done by researchers who analyzed data from the U.S. Census Bureau, as well as information gathered from the BFI, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Using these resources, they found out which states are most dependent on the gun industry. Despite the decline in gun sales during the present administration, the industry has garnered $6.8 billion in revenues and taxes in both federal and state in 2018. The researches also took notice of the contributions of the industry when it comes to job creation.

Across the country, the gun and ammunition industry has created more than 90,000 jobs over the past half decade. This is in the midst of frequent changes on gun laws, stricter regulations, and ownership limitations that various states have recently enacted.

New Hampshire

Data from the report revealed that this state has the country’s β€œhighest spending per capita on guns and ammunition.” The total is at $765 million in 2017 and is still growing.

Regarded for their slogan β€œlive free or die,” New Hampshire is also the state most dependent on the gun industry in terms of employment. There are around 40 firearms jobs for each group of 10,000 residents, Daily Mail adds.

However, statistics are different in the state when it comes to gun ownership. Alaska holds the number one spot in the ownership of guns, while New Hampshire is at the lowest places. It has been registered in the report as the state with the fifth-lowest gun ownership across the U.S., with only about 14 percent of the state population owning at least one firearm.

An estimated 61.7 percent of Alaskans own at least a firearm, followed by Arkansas (57.9 percent) and Idaho (56.9 percent). The fourth and fifth places are belonging to West Virginia and Wyoming, with 54.2 percent and 53.8 percent respectively. Delaware has the least number of people who own at least one firearm.

In second place

Idaho ranks second on spending and gun ownership. Nevertheless, Wyoming follows the Granite State when it comes to spending on guns. The report says that it paid the highest per-capita tax expenditures on ammunition, specifically at $8.13 per person.

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