Tactical Shotgun Upgrades

Shotguns are reliable, simple, multipurpose weapons that are capable of doing everything from putting food on the table to protecting your home. While most folks are familiar with standard-fare hunting shotguns, tactical shotguns are an excellent all-around self-defense weapon to be considered in a worst-case scenario. While there are several companies out there that specifically manufacture tactical shotguns, the good news is that it doesn’t take much to turn a regular 18-inch barrel, 12-gauge shotgun into a tactical workhorse. There are only a couple minor customizations you need to make that can have your scattergun setup to protect you and yours.

Rail Mounts on Foregrip

Simply put, a tactical shotgun is intended for use on soft targets in close quarters. Given that most self-defense situations occur during peak crime times, it is safe to assume that a tactical shotgun will be used in the dark. A foregrip with a picatinny rail mount is crucial, given that it allows the operator to attach things like lights, lasers, or hand-stops.

Rail-Mounted Flashlight

As aforementioned, a tactical shotgun must be capable of functioning in low-light conditions. Lasers can be effective however a flashlight is essential. Handheld flashlights cannot be as easily used when operating a long gun, and headlamps often do not possess the beam strength to reach out and illuminate what’s in front of your barrel. A legitimate tactical shotgun has a weapon-mounted light attached to it.

Collapsible Stock

The best of both worlds when considering the addition of a folding stock or simply sticking with your standard-issue fixed stock, the collapsible stock can be adjusted to fit the frame of any-sized shooter. It is particularly great to have on a tactical shotgun because clearing rooms in an urban combat scenario is easier to accomplish with a shorter and lighter gun.

Side Saddle

Having quick access to your shells is vital when it comes to the application of a tactical shotgun. Being able to reload quickly and get back in the fight is key. There is no better way to ensure that you have another set of rounds easily accessible and ready to go, than to use a side-saddle shell carrier. While there are many, many models out there on the market today, we suggest choosing a hard-plastic one. They are lighter than the metal side saddles, and more reliable than the Velcro and fabric ones are.

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