Teaching Your Kids Personal Survival Protection

In this age that we are living in, we enjoy the blessings of technology, but we also face the dangers of navigating and identifying safer grounds and environment for our children and us. Personal survival protection is not only a skill you need to master as adults you need to teach them also to your kids. This is because your children are vulnerable to attacks and dangers from strangers. They’re just kids, and without proper safety and survival training that you’ll give them, they will be helpless in this kind of scenario.

As early as now equip your kids on personal survival protection.

Things Your Kids Should Learn from You on Personal Survival Protection

Observation Skills

Teach your kids to observe and be aware of their surroundings wherever they are. Your typical kids are playful and enjoy new surroundings, exploring them with innocence and in a carefree manner. This behavior you need to shift into taking awareness. Teach them to sense dangers in their surroundings like the ability to notice strange looking people and actions around them.

You can train your kids at home by telling them that when somebody knocks at the door, they need first to identify who the person is before opening the door. They need to look in the windows or holes to identify the person. Also, the old caution of not talking to strangers will help.

Identifying Emergency Exits

After teaching them how to observe for potential danger, teach them also how to extract themselves from this danger. The following are the things you need to teach your kids to identify immediately, once they sense a potential threat:

  • Exit points
  • The distance from their location to the exit point
  • Is it clear or blocked by other persons?

Remind your kids that upon entering a building; they should look at the exit areas and even when they’re outdoors. Teaching them to exit before any harm is done to them can save their lives.

Calling for Help

Teach your children to call for help, let them learn how to communicate clearly, and dial your country’s emergency hotline. They should know how to tell their details and pinpoint their current location. Since kids are good at technology, let them install locator apps on their mobile phones and used them during emergencies.

Gun Handling and Shooting

Yes, you read it right!

If you and your family feel comfortable about it, you can teach your kids how to use a concealed carry for their self-defense. Teach them how to operate and aim at their target safely. Teaching them young may not be a norm, but it can help for their survival. Attackers are confident that kids do not know how to use guns, prove the bad guys wrong. Teach them the proper way of shooting to immobilize their attackers.

Martial Arts

Enroll your kids to martial arts training and let them gain mastery of it. They can use it when they’re attacked to defend themselves as well as immobilize their attackers. Teaching them about martial arts will also make your kids a disciplined person who is needed in our society today.

Scout Training and Camping Experience

Letting them join early on scout training in school and have some camping experience will teach them about survival in the woods. You can never tell a situation in which your kids might be driven in the woods or escape their captors and find themselves in the woods. If these situations happened, you’re sure that your kids can survive in the woods because they are trained as scouts.

Responsible parenthood means teaching survival skills to your kids

You want the best in life for your kids, and we understand it. Do not forget teaching them personal survival protection. We have given you some of the basics to consider.

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