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The Best Places To Hide Your Gun Inside The Car

In the field of tactical guns, concealment is one aspect that you should always focus on. The idea that comes into play is safety. Here are the best places to hide your gun inside the car. Even if the vehicle gets towed or gets carnapped, you need to trust on these places where your ammunition is. Furthermore, the car is among the most legal places and spaces where to hide these weapons.

Under the center console

The center console is located in the middle of the two front seats and is often used as storage for your other goods. Hide the gun under this area, not inside. Conceal the weapon by removing the screws that attach the console with the floor to reveal a space just enough for the size of a handgun.

Under the seats

This may appear self-explanatory at first, but this is not to say that you should hide them directly under the seat, on the carpet floor. There is space further beneath this, and this offers a good area where to keep your guns.

Within door panels

Once more, you will need to remove the screws that hold the door panels in place, that space is where you can hide the weapon.

Behind the radio device

Did you know that if you remove the radio in many sedans, you can find a hollow space that can accommodate your handguns? This is a very effective way to hide your gear without anybody noticing it.

Cavities of bumpers

The cavities of your bumpers are perfect places to keep bigger guns like shotguns and rifles. You need to use strong duct tape with these to make them work.

Under the trunk area

The trunk area is not the best place to place or store your guns but underneath it. Pull away the carpet, and you can find a cavity that offers a space. Camouflage by placing old rags and other stuff that can hide the weapon.

Front fenders

The above places are mostly found in sedans, and if you have an SUV or truck, there are the tricks. There is a considerably large area under the hood of trucks where you can keep rifle bags. It will be an effective area to hide the weapon.

Under the car type

The advantage of SUVs and trucks is finding several empty spaces where to hide the weapons. Under the cars are spaces that become a natural shelf for these weapons. Use these according to your advantage.


Another great space is the roof of trucks and SUVs. You can begin by removing the third stop light located at the top and back portion of the vehicle. Once removed, you can find an area where to keep these items. Use duct tape and string to attach the items with these areas.

Spare tire

The spare tire is another fascinating area to hire items like guns and weapons. According to Ask A Prepper website, you can do this by lowering the spare tire, and once on the ground, you can then start storing the items within the rim and crank the tire back into its place.

There are more areas that you can still discover where to hide your guns. For more information on everything tactical, keep it locked right here on Primitive Survivors.

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