The Best Places to Hunt in the USA

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There are a few places in the world more exciting and challenging to hunt than other areas. It’s not only because of the variety of game but also because of the side trips you may experience and the extra adventure. For instance, the high, snowy peaks of the northern Rockies sounds like a thrilling location, as well as the low deserts of Arizona! Quit wishing and start planning! Here are some of the best big-game hunts in North America.


Walking out among on public land where you can see for miles and miles and without people around is an experience that most people in this world do not get to experience and many are often afraid to experience. That’s the thing in Wyoming.Β 

Wyoming is the runaway winner for the largest number of antelope, so it will always be a favorite destination for pronghorn hunters. Antelope hunts in the Cowboy State are ideal do-it-yourself adventures.

Aside from the hunting landscape, it also offers some of the greatest trout fishing in the country so if you really like to wet a line there is something for you whether that is lake fishing with a hook and weights, fly fishing big water or small streams or even tenkara fishing with a simple rod and line in small micro streams.


If you are coming to Nebraska on a hunt, the Museum of the Fur Trade is a must-visit stop. This museum, focused on the fur trade, is home to the most comprehensive collection of historical artifacts covering the fur trade period in the world.Β  The museum is located in Chadron, Nebraska so it’s easy to get to and close to some great Sandhills Hunting.

Northern Saskatchewan

Up in the Northern Saskatchewan, most black bears die of old age. This region has the genetics of giant boars, and anywhere in this are is a good opportunity to shoot a true trophy-class black bear.Β  Remember that the best hunting time is during June!

Kodiak Island

If hunting blacktail deer on the home turd of the world’s largest brown bears don’t get you all psyched up, then what else will? This wilderness possesses the good bucks and depending on the weather, you may find them anywhere from the beach to the high peaks.

The downside is you need to ride the small planes and boats that make travel challenging. Transporters provide boats for D.I.Y. trips, but the hunting is up to you. Outfitted hunts are much more inclusive. Licenses are over the counter.


These days, a good buck is getting hard to come by on public land. But Nevada never disappoints. Nevada has more than 150 mountain ranges. Many peaks rise above 10,000 feet, and large, grassy plains provide the perfect habitat for deer. It has preference points and bonus points, but there are also guide points that can increase your chances of drawing a tag.


Expect the Utah experience to be a tough hunt because it’s going to take about six hours to get into a good goat country, although some areas in it are more accessible. The best time to hunt is during the last week of September up to mid-October.

A bit of advice: start accumulating preference points as soon as possible to ensure you’ll receive a chance to hunt goats before you’re physically unable to do so.

New Mexico

The Gila National Forest in New Mexico is 3.3 million public acres of famously good elk hunting. There’s a huge chance for you to catch a 350-inch bull in the sandy terrain full of pinyon and pine. You can reach the backcountry on foot or through a horse!


Take note that New Mexico doesn’t award preference points. Nonresidents hunting solo are allotted 6 percent of the licenses in a drawing pool, while nonresidents who book with a guide, 10 percent.

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