The Best Shooting Drills Revealed

Ready, aim, shoot — Drills are critical to improving the way a tactical shooter hits targets. From trigger control to alignment, regularly engaging yourself and allotting some time in drills will improve your accuracy in tactical shooting. Learn to become better with your skills in this guide on effective drills you can try. Many of these drills will not require the person to travel to a specific location and can be done within the local range. They are applicable for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

The Shoot Two, Load Two

This drill is shotgun-specific. These types of firearms are known to have low ammo capacity and even in heightened, more intense combats, shotguns can only produce around nine rounds or maybe even less. The best way to maximize the precise use of shotguns is to perfect the reloading of the weapon.

Designed to guide shooters on loading the shotgun while they are using the firearm, the Shoot Two, Load Two method initially requires you to place a target downrange. Then, begin 10 yards from it. Some enthusiasts like to use clay pigeons to train themselves. In here, you will be needing five rounds of shotgun, three in the tube and two secured outside the firearm to load it.

The idea behind this technique is shooting two rounds and reloading two shells. Use the non-dominant hand side to reload and keep the weapon to the targets. Repetition is key to mastering the art of reloading shotguns. Don’t forget to keep time.

El Presidente

This time, a drill for your pistols. The term El Presidente is coined to have shooters remember what it is all about — doing several tasks within a short amount of time. The El Presidente pistol drill is designed by handgun shooting expert Jeff Cooper and is for those who need to amplify their skills on drawing, engaging, transitioning targets, reloading, and re-engaging several targets once more.

To set up the drill, three man-sized targets are needed to be placed a meter apart and the targets should be 10 meters away from the shooter. It is recommended to begin with a handgun holstered and spare mag with you. Each mag should have six rounds. Then, prepare a timer.

Begin with your back toward the targets and hands hoisted in the air in a surrender position. On each signal to start, turn, draw and shoot each of the targets twice. Then, go and reload and shoot each target two more times. It requires a quick reaction time and grace when you do it.

Bench Shooting

This kind of drill is for those who want to learn tidbits of skills in shooting, mainly minimizing the focus on the other components. In here, you shoot from a benched position. In this angle, you can be able to take away the need to stabilize yourself to be successful in making the shot. This training is perfect for those who are always into shooting in challenging terrains and lands. It also boosts your confidence since it provides you with good alignment skills in terms of vision.

To do this, prepare a bench and sit on this with your arms on a shooting bag. Rest your arms on the bag and get a solid alignment and sight. In here, the shooter will take time to fire shots and one of the goals is to maintain a good visual line.

Now that you have learned some of the best practices, it is time to try these in a close range to your area. We are coming back for more of these drills so keep yourself tuned in to Primitive Survivors. For your bonus drill, you’ll get introduced to some of the accessories that you can find handy during the drill.

Bonus Drill: Knowing The Right Accessories

First, the targets. It is best to select targets that greatly resemble the actual opponent or the actual target. The standard Bull’s Eye target is good but with certain limitations. Recommended targets are those that assign small sectors to significant body parts represented, guiding the learner on where to properly direct the shots. Then, you have to have snap caps or devices that are shaped like the standard weapon cartridge but do not have primer, propellant, and projectile. Many of them are designed after various caliber of guns.

Thirdly, you have the shot timer and it has been mentioned earlier in the guideline. It is able to manage your time and see how accurate you are during the training. It also may record speed and manage stress during the drill. They are specifically designed for tactical shooting.

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