The Best States For Duck Hunting

β€œThere’s nothing like setting up decoys, sitting in a blind and watching the magic work. That’s why you love to hunt ducks,” indicates Molly Carter, and we couldn’t agree more. Truly, hunting for a great location is one that you should also focus your attention to. Primitive Survivors is listing down here the best states for duck hunting.


The state has various species to offer for hunters, and these include mallards, wood ducks, sea ducks, big-water divers, and the Atlantic Population Canada Geese. You might have read about this from many reports but the state is home to the renowned Chesapeake Bay, an area of arid location for hunters that cuts through eastern Maryland and separates this bundle from the Delmarva Peninsula. It is laden with species that include long-tailed ducks, ringnecks, buffleheads, and goldeneyes among many others.


Next on our list is Louisiana, the habitat for millions of geese and ducks that gather around annually for their fall migration. You would want to visit Venice, Southern Louisiana, a famed paradise for hunters and a place which has rivers and marshes taking care of more than nine million waterfowls. Around 8,000 square miles in Louisiana is water and this has been nesting ground for many of these birds. Furthermore, it also has no shortage of management areas for wildlife.


The attention of the general public, that is, the duck hunters, may be quite focused in the other states but Oregon offers so much surprise and fascinating catch for these people. There are a lot of places to take notice, which include the Willamette Valley for cacklers, Sauvie Island for puddle ducks, Columbia for divers, and Klamath Falls for specklebellies. For those who are quite absorbed on hunting mallards, they can visit the Snake River and then discover the Oregon coast.


Many reviews call Arkansas as a duck mecca, and if you are a hunter that loves mallards, this state is the place to be. The topography itself speaks for attracting millions of ducks from various places, and this comprises of rice fields and flooded timbers. Aside from mallards, it is also where you can find wigeons, pintails, shovlers, green-winged teal, and more.


What is among the first things you think of about Utah? Exactly, the Great Salt Lake. It is a paradise for both resident and migrating waterfowl and with this lake stretching 70 miles, you cannot go wrong with finding ducks and pintail. There’s also quite a community in here since the Great Salt Lake plays host to around 30 private hunting clubs and there are also various management areas around.

Other states and places where you can begin your waterfowl hunting trips include Alaska and St. Paul Island, California’s San Francisco Bay area, Seattle in Washington, Charleston in South Carolina, St. Louis In Missouri, Russell in Kansas, and the Mississippi Delta. For more information on anything and everything duck hunting, keep and continue browsing through this website.

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